Sunday, September 13, 2009

Liberals Disrespectful Of Military, Apology Demanded

Why haven't the Liberals apologized for offending patriotic Canadians, including those serving in the military?

The flyer, sent from Vancouver Centre MP Hedy Fry, depicts a tattered Canadian flag and what could be taken to be a soldier's ruck sack, alongside the statement: "We used to wear it with pride."

Tracy Marcotullio of Oromocto, N.B. says that she finds the message troubling. Her husband, Dave, is on his third tour of duty in Afghanistan.

"I don't know what their intention was, I don't know what they were trying to portray with that image and those words . . . but what it says to me and a lot of other people is that our soldiers should not be proud to wear the Canadian flag and in turn their uniform," she told CTV Atlantic.

Marcotullio has demanded an apology.

"There needs to be an explanation... there needs to be an apology to our soldiers," she said.
I, too, am pissed. There's a military tradition in my family, and I've a brother currently in the Navy. I, too, as a Canadian patriot, want an apology from the Liberals.

Shameful. But what do we expect from the hard-left, neo-communist, military-hating "Liberal" Party? Those Liberals are so ideologically extreme, as are their comrades in the other hard-left parties. And as is the Obama-Democrat Regime, who's hardly a friend of the US military, either.

The Liberals are just being disrespectful, and arrogantly so. Especially Hedy "Crosses Are Burning As We Speak" Fry. The way she talks, in that "Lissen up! You better believe what I'm telling you, 'cause I'm right, 'cause I'm a Liberal and Liberals are always right!" manner, with the raised eyebrows, squinting eyes, curled upper lip and bared teeth. At least her comrade Paul Zed has the public-communications acumen to not make arrogant faces when he's giving us Liberal Party-line bullshit.

The Liberals don't sound very patriotic, do they, treating our flag that way, our number one national emblem, thusly. As a prop in a hypocritical, nasty, vicious, incendiary, mean-spiritedly smearing attack ad.

Just another little bit of evidence to add to the massive warehouse of accumulated bits of evidence that the Liberals have no business being in power in Canada. They're so hateful.
They're so un-Canadian! And they're so neo-communist, hellbent on joining forces with other neo-communist parties to usurp the duly-elected mainstream Conservative government just like that, without an election, just 'cause they don't get what they want!

Is it any wonder that Prime Minister Harper said that a majority Conservative government is in the best interests of Canada? It's, on the one hand, good, prudent government under the Conservatives, and, on the other, a coalition of the hard left, hellbent on doing whatever their beloved Fuhrer Obama dictates they do. Like, duh! Of course the best answer is a Conservative majority- to end the instability and paralysis that's been gripping Canada because the hard-left neo-communists won't let Parliament work because they're not getting the toys they want.