Sunday, September 13, 2009

'Aura' Of 'Intelligence'

Aura of Intelligence:
Is Michael Ignatieff smart, or does he just smell a fart?

Wouldn't it be more accurate to say "Aura of Flatulence"?

Look at the little guy below.
The shirt and tie lend him an "Aura of Intelligence", don't they?

I suspect that he's more interested in auras of flatulence than of intelligence.

That's how one anxious Liberal describes Michael Ignatieff, ie. he's got one.

(...) It doesn’t seem to be selling to well, though.

Perhaps because people realize that, despite Iggy's Obama-like "aura" of "intelligence", the People can tell that he simply isn't all that "smart". Like they can with the also-incredibly-pompous-and-horribly-arrogant Obama.

Not in political terms, anyway. It's like he hasn't a bloody inkling as to what the feck he's doin, apparent from his constant screwups, troutlike flipflopping and inexplicable utterances. Again, like Obama.

The anxious Liberal declares also that Iggy has no political instincts, nor government experience.

Never before has the Liberal Party had a leader so lacking in experience with actually governing. And Ignatieff’s lack of experience in this area has yet to be seen. No, if he actually does become PM then we will see this lack of experience play out just as we have seen his lack of political instincts play out over the last six months or more.

The bottom line is that I see very little in Ignatieff that could justify the glee some people had in trying to recruit him to be leader of the Liberal Party. Indeed, it was just about as dumb an idea as one could think of.

Well, Anxious Liberal, what do you expect? They're Liberals after all, ferfecksake. Come to think of it, so are you, and what I can't understand is why? You're apparently intelligent enough to realize the stupidity of your current comrades. Why the feck, then, are you in a party so chockfulla dumbnuts?

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

-Albert Einstein

ht: Maz2