Sunday, September 13, 2009

There They (Loony Leftists) Go Again
Maureen Dowd

Sheesh. The race card has been so overplayed for so long, it's simply absurd to keep playing it.

But play it, the Approved Media continues to do.

Aaaand this time it's Maureen Dowd, a notoriously unhinged Leftist yakking head.

Singing from the same old neo-communist standard-smears-for-when-you've-got-nothing-else-to-use songbook.

Yup. Simply call the other guys "racists". That'll shut 'em up so you can help your comrades resume destroying America.

What do we expect from the Obama-Democrat Propaganda 'N' Smearage Forces?

Besides, Obama's an infamously self-demonstrated racist. Why doesn't Maureen Dowd say that?

Dowd is delusional. She sees racism in everything. If someone sneezes near Obama, he's a racist. If someone's standing next to Obama and happens to have messy hair, he's a racist. If someone forgets to bow and kiss Obama's ring, he's a racist. If someone buys a white teddy bear instead of a brown one, he's a racist. If a white dog barks at a black dog, he's a racist. If there's a big, nasty hailstorm in Kenya, Mother Nature is racist. If someone accuses Obama of lying, he's a racist. And on and on and on... It's insanity, pure and simple. What a crackpot. Somebody help Ms. Dowd!

Perhaps she's projecting her own faults? After all, one of the common traits of Leftist Mental Disorder is to practice projection, in which one accuses others of being that which oneself is, so as to, in their imagination, project their faults onto the other person, thus ridding themselves of the faults. Kind of like farting and blaming someone else.

Ah. But are we really surprised at the illogical, irrational, unsubstantial gobbleddygook that spittles from the mouths and stems from the tap-tapping fingertips of neo-communist propaganda workers?