Sunday, September 13, 2009

Notoriously Liberal-Friendly Paper Dumps On Ignatieff

Above: Michael Ignatieff, r, preparing to kiss the Don's ring.
Them Librano$, eh!

Even the well-known Liberal-lovin' Toronto (Red) Star thinks Iggy's stinky.

ht: Orville H, who says, via email:

The Toronto Star, the unofficial mouthpiece of the Liberal Party, has told Iggy he is full of crap for demanding an election - if Iggy has lost The Star's support who is left - the CBC?

I suspect The Star was being embarrassed by Iggy's immature and doltish grasp of leadership and may have now concluded they doubt he has the mettle to run a lemonade stand let alone the reigns of a federal political party. The Star now sees arrogance, is not a virtue or sign of leadership, and decided they better write an editorial before it is too late to stop this train wreck.

Sooo... anybody heard any buzz about disquiet and whispers behind Iggy's back on the HMCS Libounty?

Will they make Iggy walk the plank, thus saving themselves the trouble of blowing the money they were lucky to raise recently... for nothing, and having to start over again? Are they afraid of slipping into a Groundhog Day-type circular rut?

This is what happens when the Snooty Elites of the Party Apparatus forego a democratic election and appoint, from way up in the ivory towers, a "horribly arrogant" (his own words) international man of mystery who'd been AWOL as a Canadian for over three decades and has actually described himself as "American".