Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ignatieff Completely Unbelievable, Devoid Of Foundation

I'd love to dissect each and every one of Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff's totally-unfounded accusations against the Harper Conservative government, but why bother?

It's obvious to those who use their brains and who have been astutely observing the real world, specifically in Canada, for long enough, that Ignatieff is just uttering total bullshit designed to deliver pure, unadulterated lies, lies and lies to guillible swing voters to cheat them over to the Liberal side in a future election.

I see nothing in the article, in terms of Iggy's utterances, that has any foundation in reality.

And don't forget Iggy's infamous declaration that "We will have to raise taxes", when he hilariously claims that he'll do all kinds of things better than the Conservatives "without raising taxes".

Only an idiot believes that anyone can keep, at current levels of financing, all programs and spending projects whilst eliminating the deficit... without raising taxes. Then again, maybe Michael Ignatieff is an idiot in reality, and the whole "intellectual" thing is all a big lie after all.

Besides, we know how the Liberals eliminated the deficit in the Nineties. They gouged financing out of health, education, the military, all sorts of important stuff, whilst raiding the monstrous EI surplus and applying it to general revenues to fight the deficit. It was all a dishonest shell game, and I suspect that's what the Liberals would do all over again. Besides, there was a global economic boom at the time, not due to anything the Liberals did (they were lucky bastards!), which is highly unlikely to be seen again for a long time.

And as for the "financial mess", the Liberals, including Ignatieff, themselves demanded the massive deficit spending in the first place, whereas the Tories didn't want to go there at all. Not only that, the Liberals, including Iggy, teamed up with the communists and separatists to threaten an unwanted overthrow, if the Tories refused to implement massive, messy deficit spending just to copy Obama, the Liberals' false hero. So to blame it on the Tories is nothing short of douchebaggy-asshole dishonesty, for the Liberals forced the Tories to do it, with the blackmail threat of an undemocratic coup in the alternative, with all the horrific implications and ramifications such a terrible thing would entail. Of course the Tories figured it'd be less dangerous than that, to simply temporarily run up a deficit during a recession, like every other country on earth was doing! All the Tories did was choose the (much) lesser of the two alternative evils.

If the Liberals had any integrity, they'd stop being such dishonest douchebags. And actually come join the Tories, whom they, as well as ordinary Canadians, know are doing a remarkable job, given the terrible current circumstances!

Who the hell wants a bunch of Liberal douchebags to run the country?