Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Drudge Report #7 & Rising In Online Market Share

Story here.

Interesting. I'm surprised that CNN on the internet is ahead of FOX News online. After all, on the boob tube, FOX is the king of the hill. I guess that after getting one's fix of FOX on the boob tube, one doesn't really feel the need to go online. Perhaps people prefer to quickly check CNN to see what nonsense they're spewing, rather than sit through it 24 hours of Obama worship each day.

Anyway, the Drudge Report is just behind FOX.

The Obama-Democrat Regime must be thinking of ways to shut up the "right-wing" outlets everywhere, seeing how popular they are now with news consumers... They must be complaining, "If only our guys had a monopoly on propaganda again, we'd be able to rule without opposition like that untouchable Liberal guy, Chretien, once ruled Canada!".

The Regime sees Venezuela's Hugo Chavez shutting down dissenting radio stations all the time, and is jealous. The Regime wants to appoint all those radically revolutionary czars so as to sneak in policies to impose whatever they have planned that Americans don't want. Like "regulating" their liberties so as to reduce the impact of their dissent.