Friday, September 11, 2009

Obama, Rest Of 'Progressive' Movement Silent On Murder Of Pro-Life Activist

Jim Pouillon, victim of the horrific hate crime

Remember when the abortionist Tiller was shot to death?

Obama and the entire Left condemned the murder. So did the Pro-Life folks.

Today, however, with the cold-blooded murder of a disabled senior who stood up for the lives of vulnerable pre-born people, Obama and the Left are silent, refusing to condemn the murder.

Known as “the sign man,” Pouillon, who had leg braces and required oxygen, was a pro-life activist for many years and well-known by other pro-life advocates around the country.

“He was just a kind, gentle man who loved life and endeavored to save other people’s lives,” Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, told the Associated Press.

But Jim Pouillon’s passing was not marked by the Obama administration, Planned Parenthood or NARAL Pro-Choice America, all of which quickly issued statements condemning the shooting death of abortion provider George Tiller, who was shot and killed inside his church in May.

They condemned, instantly, the murder of the abortionist awhile back. (I recall also that, shortly after that murder, a US Marine was murdered by a left-wing extremist, and Obama and the Left said nothing about that.)

They say nothing when a pro-life person, who killed no one, and was a threat to no one, is murdered in cold blood.

Some hard-left extremist who obviously believes in killing babies and other people hatefully, evilly took the life of an older man with leg braces and an oxygen tank.

How scary is the Left? How horribly hateful is the "Progressive" movement?

What kind of a man is Barack Hussein Obama? I think his silence today on Mr. Pouillon's murder juxtaposed with his strongly-worded condemnation of the murder of the hateful abortionist answers this question.

What kind of people condone the evil hatefulness of the Left to which they choose to belong and identify? What say ye, all ye self-righteous "progressives"?

Screw left-wingers. This murder, which isn't being covered anywhere near as much as the murder of the evil abortionist was in the Approved Media, is the final proof positive that "pro-choice" Leftists, specifically those who condemn the murder of abortionists but not of pro-life folks, are hateful, evil-corrupted assholes deserving to be shunned.