Friday, September 11, 2009

ABC's Stossel Defects To FOX
John Stossel: Too libertarian for the All Barack Channel, defects to FOX News.

A big loss for ABC. People will follow John to the number-one-in-ratings FOX News, taking even more ratings points away from the All Barack Channel.

NEW YORK — ABC anchor John Stossel, a libertarian whose work earned him fiercely loyal fans at the same time he caused headaches for the network, is jumping to Fox.

He's trading a much bigger platform for the promise of more time on the air. Stossel will have a weekly show on the Fox Business Network, exploring libertarianism and consumer issues, and make frequent appearances on Fox News Channel, the network said on Thursday.

Stossel's regular "Give Me a Break" segments prodded at groupthink, and he wrote best-selling books under that name and "Myths, Lies and Downright Stupidity."

FOX News is where it's all at, in America. The other guys are just telling Americans what the Men Behind The Curtain want them to think.