Friday, September 11, 2009

Liberal 'Spy' Who Took Haper Video Not Really A 'Spy'

The Liberal "spy", Justin Tetreault, l, with the digital camera (with movie mode) who made the Big Media tell us what Prime Minister Stephen Harper, r, said

Methinks the Liberals and the CBC have been PUNKED!

ht: NNW

Like, BUUURRRRNNN, dude! Haaaa ha-ha!

Just as I suspected... the whole thing was a masterfully clever, manipulative ploy by the Conservatives to make the "enemy" think they were up to something "scary" when, in fact, there wasn't anything the least bit "scary" going on. Of course, the "enemy", being mentally-disordered LEFTISTS, will believe whatever they want to believe, or whatever they're told to believe, especially if it's that the Conservatives are somehow bad and "scary" and up to no good.

The Liberals and the CBC have been, ah, mind-fecked. They're so easily manipulated. We conservatives have come to understand how their little brains, such as they are, operate, and have figured out how to control them and actually get them to do what we want them to do, whilst making them believe that they've been clever and have uncovered something explosive, when they really haven't.

Of course, Liberals and Big Media types, particularly those in the hard-left CBC, aren't all that bright after all.

Liberals and hard-left propagandists are guillible and grossly overestimate their strength and grossly underestimate their opponents' intelligence.

"I taped the event on my digital camera, in plain view, and after rewatching the tape and hearing Harper's comments again, I shared it with friends, some of whom are also Liberals," Tetreault told us tonight.


"I have always been a proud Young Liberal, and have never hidden that fact from anyone," Tetreault told us tonight. "I was invited to the event by Josh Pringle, the Conservative riding president, who knows I am a Liberal."
Tetreault has held numerous positions within the provincial and federal Liberal parties, including president of the Algoma University Young Liberals and northern coordinator of the Ontario Young Liberals, and has served as a director on both local riding associations.

He has also assisted in many campaigns, including Michael Ignatieff's bid for the leadership of the the Liberal Party of Canada.

Tetreault doesn't realize that he's been used. He's been manipulated. His simple, predictable mentality has apparently been harnessed by Conservative strategists as a tool of political warfare, turned against his own guys.

Really, he wasn't just a well-known Liberal/Ignatieff operative; he was actually deliberately invited by the Conservative Party, via a local official.

What does that logically tell you? Would the Tories knowingly invite a partisan Liberal operative to a private, "hush-hush" speech if they didn't want anyone to know what Harper was going to say?

Really, the stuff Harper said wasn't all that "scary" or "revealing". It's just a speech to partisan Conservatives, worded as one would expect, differently than one words speeches to the Public in general when presenting one's Public face as an elected official expected to speak in a certain acceptable manner.

(Liberals say far, far, far nastier stuff in private than they do in public, and the stuff they say in public is sometimes far worse than what Conservatives say in private, not that the CBC would treat such public statements by Liberals as being "scary" or anything, of course).


The Conservatives have saved, what, a million bucks by letting the other guys propagate their message for them. See, we're superior campaigners now! We've learned to kick ass better than the other guys!

Those Liberals and those CBCers... soooo guillible, soooo perceptually manipulable... we've learned to play the chumps like puppets!

If you can't join the Liberals, then you've gotta beat 'em.

If Liberals can't beat Conservatives, then they've gotta join 'em. After all, Liberals are all about winning, right? So if they can only win by being on the Conservative side... Nah... they're too stupid to realize this, so they'll continue being Liberals, deluding themselves that they've got the winning team (or perhaps they know that in the Liberal Party, they can steal money and stuff and, usually, get away with it, thanks to their unethical, unscrupulous, ideologically-hellbent comrades in the Big Media and the legal/judicial sytem), so they stay Liberals. Maroons.