Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11 Anniversary Tragedy: Pro-Life Activist Murdered

Shot repeatedly and killed.

ht: Drudge Report

Another innocent killed on September 11.

Now for the morality and logic: Unlike abortion doctors who have also been wrongly killed, at least this victim didn't kill anyone in cold blood. Therefore this victim was innocent. Just like the babies who are murdered via torture-to-death who never hurt anyone, nor even thought about hurting anyone. What justification is there for murdering anyone, either innocent or guilty of cold-blooded murder-for-profit themselves? I say it's (at least) as wrong to murder babies, either pre-or post-birth, as it is to murder abortionists who actually committed the immoral act.

I reject the claim by the far left that abortion-type murder is justifiable in whatever circumstance they want it to be justifiable in, ie. whenever it's "chosen". Besides, how can the far left explain how they think it's a "right" to murder innocent unborn babies, but no one has a right to execute convicted cold-blooded repeat murderers? They cannot make any case for their gross illogic and immorality on this contradiction. Sure, they'll get emotional, angry, screamy, might start to hate us for saying they're harboring an immoral belief, but it's not our fault that they're choosing the wrong side. It's their own.

Dammit, murdering an innocent human being is wrong and evil, even if they haven't been born yet. What is it about being not-yet-born that makes the far left believe that it's somehow ok to deem that they're inhuman (How can one call a human being "inhuman"? It's 100% illogical and wrong to say such a thing)? Hey, what if we were to deem, say, Islamic supremacist terrorists to be "inhuman" and then proceed to exercise our right to go around murdering them whenever we choose? What's the difference? Just because they were born? Doesn't it matter to the far left that Islamic supremacist terrorists are hateful and evil and are going around murdering people for not being Islamic or for doing stuff (like having homosexual "sex", which is murderously frowned upon in the Islamic World, and state-sanctioned executions therefor are the norm in places like Iran, which might explain why Ahmadinejad believes there aren't any anymore, 'cause he killed 'em all, as he might think) forbidden by supremacist Islam? Sorry, but the far left is so incredibly, maddeningly wrong, illogical, brain-dormant on such matters.

Who decides which human beings are deserving of the label "human" and which are to be deemed as "just a piece of meat"? A pregnant woman? NO. Who decides that it's supposed to be them who gets to decide? NO ONE. Period. There is NO "right to choose" to murder innocent human beings. After all, if we say it's ok to murder members of one group, then the next thing we know, it'll become politically correct to support the "right to choose" to murder another group, then another, then another. Already the Obama-Democrat Regime is moving America towards a system that mandates the murder of the elderly and the disabled so that the young and non-disabled can have "the best care", paid for by the money saved by taking care away from the elderly and disabled. And after that, well, I suggest you do some research on the views of some of Obama's czars, such views being nothing short of horrifically evil, tantamount to some of the views of the monstrous Josef Mengele, the Nazi "doctor"...

I betcha the murderer(s) in this case is/are pro-abortion, as, after all, abortion is murder, and to believe in abortion is to believe in murder, no matter how you try to justify this immoral position.

Murder is murder is murder. It's wrong to murder abortion doctors, wrong to murder pro-life people, and wrong to murder pre-birth people.

The way things are going in America, next thing you know, Obama's Regime is going to be pulling the plug on Grandma (that's not a lie- they actually already do it in far-left Gordon Brown's Britain!)... And some of his czars are on record as attempting to justify this as well as other scary, unthinkable, un-American, inhuman stuff that raises the spectre of Mengele and his terrible ideology in the mind's eye...

Besides, y'know what's justifiable? To deny "marriage" to homosexual couples is justifiable. Of course it's justifiable. It doesn't matter if it's "discrimination". After all, not allowing children to drive, to smoke, to drink and also to get married, well, do I really need to explain to y'all why this "discrimination" is justifiable and is in the best interests of, not only the children themselves, but also in the best interests of society and civilization as a whole, particularly in the long run? Really, if people can figure out why we "discriminate" on the basis of age, then certainly we can understand why marriage was originally created as being a binding contract between opposite sexes, ie. it all stems from biological and natural familial ties, ties that transcend the mudanities of life such as merely living under a common roof, eating at the same table... and playing with one anothers' bodies...

Those who promote gay "marriage" say we must allow it so as to "not discriminate" against certain human beings. But why should their argument win, if the argument of pro-life folks -that we must not allow abortion because it's both the torture and murder of a human being- is delusionally, irrationally rejected by the same folks who so ferociously demand gay "marriage" be allowed and legally recognized?

When one develops the intellectual ablity to better understand these complex matters, then one will be able to see what I'm talking about here. If, however, you've got your work cut out for you, then you'll be stubbornly clinging to the beliefs that have been drilled into your head via incessant propaganda coming from so many angles so frequently for so many, many years... much like the German People were brainwashed into acquiescing to evil beliefs by the Big Lie machine of Josef Goebbels and by Hitler's masterful, if delusional, insane and evil, speeches... and we know what happened once the German People had been thusly indoctrinated. Unfortunately, that time, the world didn't learn the "Never Again" lesson well enough to know when they're actually doing it again!