Saturday, September 12, 2009

Massive Demonstration Swarms Washington To Protest Excessive, Oppressive Government

Story and discussion here.

Nothing to see here. There's nothing going on. Move on. And listen to and obey Dear Fuhrer Obama.

Ignore the lunatic fringe element right-wing extremist Astroturf mob of racist, Nazi teabaggers. They just don't want a better, more equal world for everyone, like Obama's trying to impose on make for us all.

Let's talk about real important stuff instead, ok? How about that Ellen becoming a reality show judge? Oh, my! And how about that Demi Moore in the Twitter war with Perez Hilton? And how about that Megan Fox? Didya hear that she...? Now that's news you gotta know! C'mon, distract yourself with the colorful, shiny, irrelevant silliness so that you can't learn that there's something very, very seriously wrong with the United States government under the Obama-Democrat Regime and that millions of Americans are very, very concerned about what they're doing.

Yes, I'm being sarcastic.