Saturday, February 13, 2010

Over 200 'Progressive' Extremists/Terrorists Rampage In Vancouver

Now... how often do we see the supposed to exist-in-alarming-and-growing-numbers "RIGHT-WING" extremists doing that THESE LEFT-WING extremists are doing???  
Got any links?  
Or are the extremists out there almost entirely LEFT-WING???

The Mob.  Teabaggers.  Potentially violent.  Potential terrorists.  All racists.  Etc., etc...   Everything the Obamacrats said about Mainstream Americana (the Tea Party folks), applied directly to the Obamacrats' own foot-soldier ilk.

These terrorists love to go around breaking windows.  Just like Hitler's SA.  Though they're wearing Fascist black shirts, not Nazi SA brown shirts.

A group of more than 200 masked protesters smashed windows, vandalized cars and newspaper boxes and intimidated pedestrians in downtown Vancouver Saturday morning, before being confronted by police in riot gear.

The anti-Olympics protesters, many dressed in black balaclavas and masks and carrying a ladder, smashed up to three windows at the Hudson's Bay store and one at the Toronto Dominion Bank near the intersection of Granville and West Georgia streets.

The group also sprayed the windows with red paint and threw marbles and spat at police.
"In this case there were chains put on doors of a building where there were people inside, and that is unsafe," said Const. Lindsey Houghton. 
Call CSIS!  Issue a memo to law enforcement everywhere to profile anyone who disagrees with the government!

Show Janet Napolitano and her DHS how it's done right!

You know, there's no violence or destructive behavior coming from the Tea Party folks in America.  The American Left is the only violent/destructive group down there, just like the Canadian Left is up here.

See?  There's a growing threat from violent "progressive" extremists and terrorists threatening public safety.

This criminal violence and wholesale destructiveness must be cracked down upon... just like we cracked down upon the neo-Nazi bastards in the bud so hard that they pretty much went away...

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Enkidu said...

How many of these vandals got arrested? I'll bet it was a nice 'round' number. If you do nothing to deter this type of behaviour you only encourage it. I'll bet Vancouver incarcerates more homeless people than activist vandals during the olympics.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Just like China jailed the homeless (and the dissident) during the Beijing Olympics, but the neo-Commie stuff was still in force, though more orderly than the thugs in Van.