Monday, February 15, 2010

Top Author, Screenwriter: 'Avatar' Is 'Anti-American'

Andrew Klavan says.
Klavan is an insider when it comes to understanding liberalism in popular culture, especially when it comes to Hollywood. Two of his crime novels have been made into films -- "True Crime," filmed by Clint Eastwood, and "Don’t Say A Word," starring Michael Douglas. He wrote the screenplay for two other films, "A Shock to the System" in 1990, which starred Michael Caine, and "One Missed Call" in 2008.

He said the Hollywood that was once run by businessmen who hired stars to make movies, which in turn made money, is now increasingly controlled by celebrity ideologues who use the medium to promote their political views. In post-9/11 Hollywood, this was evidenced by a string of anti-war films popping up in theaters across the country.
See, a Hollywood insider knows what's going on with many of his brethren, what with the hard-left propaganda motives in moviemaking.  Plenty of latter-day Leni Riefenstahls out there... Wonder if Leni would be impressed with "Avatar"?  Would she be impressed with its slickly subtle psychoaffective propagandic effects?

Klavan said he does not blame Cameron or other left-leaning Hollywood types for the lack of films or books reflecting conservative values. He said it is up to people with those values -- and the money to back projects -- to promote them, not just politically but culturally.

And, Klavan said, there is evidence the tide may be turning in that direction, including the nomination of another film for Best Picture, "The Blind Side," which tells the true story of a Christian family taking in a homeless teenager who goes on to graduate from college and sign with the Baltimore Ravens’ football team.

"The leftists are like vampires," Klavan said. "If you shine the light on them and what they are doing, they do retreat."

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