Sunday, February 07, 2010

Moore Hypocrisy

"A self-absorbed, arrogant prick who constantly pisses and moans about other people doing something wrong, yet engages in such behavior anyway".
Yep.  That's Michael Moore.  Typical Hard-Leftwing hypocrite.  Just like Al "Do as I say, not as I do" Gore.

Yep, Michael "Hypocrisy" Moore.
( – Filmmaker Michael Moore has been approved to receive a refundable tax credit of up to $1 million from the State of Michigan Film Office for his 2009 documentary, “Capitalism: A Love Story,” and a Republican state senator in Michigan wants her state's money back.  Two years ago, Moore attacked the movie-subsidizing program for giving "free money" to corporations.

“That’s a refundable tax credit, so that’s just a handout,” Michigan Sen. Nancy Cassis told Friday from her office in Lansing. “I am just aghast at his asking for the taxpayers of Michigan to donate $1 million out of our already impoverished general fund to support his film--that trashes our economic system.”

In July 2008, Moore participated in a panel discussion at the Traverse City Film Festival, where he attacked the tax-credit program.

"These are large multinational corporations--Viacom, GE, Rupert Murdoch--that own these studios," Moore said. "Why do they need our money from Michigan, from our taxpayers? We’re already broke here. Why? I mean, they play one state against another and so they get all this free cash when they’re making billions already in profits. What’s the thinking behind that? … Giving free money to a bunch of billionaires."

What a hypocritical windbagger!

Like Al Gore, we simply can't believe a thing this guy says!

These guys, they say one thing but mean another!

By the way...

Arses!  They're all arses!

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