Thursday, February 25, 2010

Like Obama, Like Ignatieff, And A Word About Manufacturing Consent

Juxtaposition time!!!

Obama gets pissy at widespread cries of "socialism!"


Ignatieff denies widespread charges of refusal to root for Canada

Hey, isn't it nice that these two Progs can count on the Media of Mass Deception to act as their propaganda mouthpieces?

The MMD will dutifully report the denials, leaving the readers and listeners with the impression that the inconvenient, widespread questioning and criticism must necessarily be unfounded.

The instant, automatic and unquestioning acceptance of the Prog leaders' every word, and the constant whitewashing, ie. the stubborn refusal to investigate deeper, to analyze, to seek the real truth of the matter... this is what makes the Media of Mass Deception the Media of Mass Deception.  They're manufacturing consent for the Agenda of the Hard Left.

They're, ironically, now manufacturing consent for Noam Chomsky's evil ideology!

On the other hand, when folks like Harper and Palin experience widespread (Hard-Left) defamation and derision, the MMD only pitches in to rub the salt into their wounds ever-harder...

Oh, of course, naturally, the critics of the Progs must necessarily be wrong, because they're not Progs, and everyone who's not a Prog will necessarily be wrong... whereas Progs are always right... until such time as they change their minds.  Then they're right again.  Doesn't this bullshit piss you off?  Don't you really hate being manipulated and misled like this by the Media of Mass Deception?

By the way, Noam Chomsky may be a master arguer, but we must remember that his extreme views, supported by his superhuman cunninglinguistic acumen, depend on him wilfully, fellatingly lying in the service of his evil ideology.  Or perhaps he's insane and actually believes the shocking extremism he spews?  The average person will naturally have difficulty telling whether he's right or wrong, simply because they're so impressed with his superficial sophistication that they can't imagine that he could possibly be deceptive, mean-spirited, wrong, evil...

But there are folks who are willing to suspend their disbelief, to use their own brains, and these are the folks who will ultimately prove Noam Chomsky's undoing as a revered philosopher, rightly making him a reviled one.

I wonder how much the folks at Stage Left revere The Cunninglinguistic One?  We know there's a fellow over there who's quite the cunninglinguist himself...

And I'd note that both Obama and Ignatieff are rather cunninglinguist themselves...  Especially Obama, at least when he's told what to say (by whom, I wonder... or perhaps by that guy's lookalike and thinkalike!).


Jen said...

Radio show hosts:David Rutherford, Charles Adler, Lowell Green Roy Green and a few others are the only ones who are out there doing job for the people.I am sure that there are others out there who are never heard nor seen by the nation but only within their community, are exceptional.

We don't have a national media- instead, what we have are 'robots' programmed to deliver the same message controlled by the LPOC.
I pray that eventually we will be blessed with a 'sound' media.

In the meantime, we are continually being manipulated by the 'evil' national media

Canadian Sentinel said...

In the meantime, we are continually being manipulated by the 'evil' national media

Well, not you and I, Jen. We know better.