Monday, February 08, 2010

Liberals Want To Push Abortion, Play Cynical, Dirty Politics

This Liberal crap is sooooo smacking of filthy, reprehensible, dishonest socialist attack propaganda.

Image:  A Canadian Liberal-Commie delivers his load of disingenuous, we-care-and-they-don't attack propaganda


Get a load of this:
"Some of them are left for hyenas to kill."
They're obsessed with demagogically screaming about abortion, abortion, abortion, and with trying to force the government to confiscate Canadians' tax dollars to finance worldwide abortions... just like Obama and the 'Crats.

Believe it or not, this fearmongering propaganda is coming from someone who ought to know better than to behave this way.  But then again, he's a LIBERAL.  Choosing to be a LIBERAL means that one must shut off one's conscience in order to "fit in", after all...

Shame on opportunistic turncoat Dr. Keith Martin for trying to tug at peoples' heartstrings about the plight of women in pluralistically Islamic Sub-Saharan Africa, trying to fool us into believing that paying for abortions for women there will somehow (impossibly) make the (obviously- at least half the population is Islamic, and only about 10% Judeo-Christian) Islamically-generated anti-female bigotry and abuse go away.  Talk about uselessly imposing onto other people in other countries... Liberals will do it, but they won't "impose" freedom, democracy, the rule of democratically-generated law and human rights where they don't exist.  They just want to impose abortion, and make you and me pay for it, even given our huuuuuge, record deficit!

Killing the innocent will not stop the persecution of and violence against women!

I don't see how they could possibly know what they're talking about.  They're being illogical and irrational, and using the issue as a cynical political-electoral wedge to try to divide the Conservative Party.  This is what they're REALLY doing!

Why not, instead of obsessing about abortion in general, simply propose that we set up hospitals there, to directly deal with the problem of "obstetric fistula", etc.?  Why obsess most prominently, and wholly uneccessarily, over the explosively controversial wedge issue of abortion, as it it was the solution to any of the problems of the Third World?  Who are they fooling, other than the lazy-minded who'll automatically, brainlessly believe whatever Hard-Left propaganda they're fed?

But then again, we'd be "imposing our ways" upon Africa, and I thought Liberals didn't want that.

We'd be acting as a de-facto government to some African nations.  In return for what?  Plus we'd run the risk that the Islamic terrorists will cite our "presence in Islamic Africa" and "Canadian foreign policy in Islamic Africa" as a reason to attack us.

Besides, Dr. Martin admits that the Liberals he now sits with "did little" to help those women.

Dr. Martin is obviously just doing as he's told, marching in lockstep with the Goebellian spin doctor/attack specialist Peter Donolo, formerly in the position for the merciless Jean Chretien.

It's a scare tactic.  It's designed to make the Liberals look like they're "caring and compassionate", especially about women, whilst the Conservatives are supposed to look, in false contrast, like monsters, ogres, women-haters, racists, etc., etc...

Clever.  Very, very, very clever.  Typical Liberal disingenuity and demagoguery.

This is all the Liberals care about?  Abortion in the Third World, a massive new socialist "childcare" program costing billions of (borrowed!!!) taxpayer dollars in the midst of the largest federal budget deficit ever, which they forced to happen via blackmailing the government in late 2008 with that reprehensible socialist-separatist conspiracy to usurp the duly-elected government?

Needless to say, I've lost a lot of respect for Dr. Keith Martin, thanks to his willingly running around hollering Peter Donolo's   scare propaganda.  They want political warfare.  Ok, then.  Well, we Conservatives will work willingly and we will win the war.  Stay tuned.  They asked for it.  And, boy, will they ever get it!

Who's falling for the Liberals' impressive "communication" tactics?  Not who you think!
Non-partisan groups of Canadian MPs and Senators have urged Harper to make the issue a priority at the summit. And lobbying by at least one coalition of Canadians groups helped convince Harper to put it front and centre at the summit, says G8 scholar John Kirton at the University of Toronto.

The Canadian Coalition for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health includes Action Canada for Population Development, CARE Canada, Plan Canada, RESULTS Canada, Save the Children Canada, World Vision Canada and UNICEF Canada.
They are NOT impressed with the reprehensible, Machiavellian, disingenuously-pretending-they-care Liberals' apparent playing-of-partisan-wedge-divisive-political-games with the matter of maternal health.  They CONDEMN THE LIBERAL PROPAGANDA ATTACKS!
"Stephen Harper has been prime minister of Canada for four years and he hasn't done anything to stop abortion at home or abroad," Mr. Kirton said.

"I think it was unworthy of Mr. Ignatieff and the Liberal Party of Canada. Some things I think should be beyond political partisanship and I can think of few causes more compelling than this one."
Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff.
He's not who he tells you he is.
Don't be fooled.
Do your homework.  Vet him.  It's critically important you do so.
Online search engines are your best friends.
Find out who he really is.
He's not who you think.
Canada can't afford to have this hidden-agenda puppet-extremist in power.


Jen said...

The liberals will find anything to use as a propaganda to get more votes.
Abortion is serious stuff not to be played around simply to enhance your political career.
What in the world is wrong with IGNATIEFF?

What baffles me CS, is the silence within the 'grassroots' of the liberals. Yet when the PM does something out of the ordinary, the conservative grassroots become vocal.
Could be the liberals have more of a serious contract that no one is to defy the leader in any way. No matter if it goes against canada-these peoples hide their fear by not saying anything.
Don't be surprise that the national media are ordered to fill in the blanks re: to the abortion, for the liberals.

ward said...

Keith Martin has never been a Conservative despite his history in the Reform Party.

He has always been a liberal and always will be. I beleive his stand against HRC's was to try to bait more conservatives into speaking out on this issue - where they would have then been absolutely excoriated by the media (while Keith would then quietly slink off unscathed, his job done).