Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Conservatives Re-Widening Polling Gap Re Liberals

Breaking away from the artificially low polling numbers, now that the big false stink over nothing (oh, it was the few-extra-weeks-off-for-MPs that had some antsy folks' panties all wedged up in the crack) which is not being talked about anymore (thanks to the Liberal who decided to prorogue, and whom the Left wasn't going to bash for doing so, so they can't bash the Tories anymore, 'cause then they'd expose their double standard to even brighter sunlight).

Four points aheadTwo points ahead.

ht: NNW

Ok now... what're the Liberals going to do?  Iggy?  Donolo?  The Big Old Media of Mass Deception?

Back to the Alinskyist drawing board...  Maybe they'll get lucky and a Tory cabmin will be caught with his/her pants on the ground... or something like that.  They'll grab onto anything and try to make Alinsky hay out of it.  Rarely do they score a hit, as they got lucky enough to do with the now-dead non-issue of proroguation (like, nothing to see there anymore... funny, that, eh!).

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Jen said...

The Big Old Media of Mass Deception?

First of all: we have to get rid of the 'old media' of mass deception, they are nothing absolutely nothing period.
They have prorogued giving the public the news of the liberals corruption to for decades. They treated their own country badly,their sly remarks their hatred for this prime minister is so great that they are blinded from the real facts.
Poison like that got to go. The AFGHANS did it they got rid of the taliban media. Why can't we get rid of the garbage that is piling up and stinking the air.

Now the liberals write a letter to the prime minister giving him instructins on what he has to do.
Would you believe it?
If you had to reveal the story behind the 3 maple nuclear reactors which Jean Chretien bought but none were used to produce an isotope for cancer patients, the cancer patient would be horrified. Yet the liberals and their media blamed the PM stephen Harper is blamed for the liberals own problems.

CS, Canada will never come out of the dark while those national media are around. We have got to get rid of them.