Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Revelations Re 2007 Israeli Strike On Syria

Debka File reports...
At the time of Israel's bombardment of the Syrian-Iranian plutonium plant under construction in northern Syria on September 2007, 45 tons of North Korean yellowcake, enough for several nuclear bombs, was on its way to the plant, Japanese intelligence sources have revealed.  It was this information, debkafile's intelligence sources add, that prompted the Israeli attack with president George W. Bush's approval. 


Two years later, in the summer of 2009, that same yellowcake consignment was secretly reshipped to Iran, attesting to the integral nuclear partnership between Tehran and Damascus.
Apparently there's stuff going on...  And it's not good.

Meanwhile, the Free World isn't doing anything much to guard against the unthinkable being done by the Axis.

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Anonymous said...

The sad truth is that Obama is more concerned over his upcoming father-daughter Basketball exhibition with newly elected Taxachusetts Sen. Brown(shirt).
He's sweating his "props from his peeps" on this one.
Meanwhile the final plans for the bomb (see photo below in cult story) have been approved. I strongly support the idea that a bomb like that may very well be unstable and subject to unintended detonation during the manufacturing process .