Monday, February 22, 2010

Toyota Execs Feel Hostile Statist Sting Of Obamacrats


I'd say that's Japanese folks being polite, as Japanese culturally tend to be.

If the Toyota executives were Americans instead, they might've said something along the lines of, "The Obamacrats are fecking Commies!".

Granted, Toyota's unexpected, and uncharacteristic, spate of recalls of their products in recent times, starting with simpler problems beginning a few years ago and ballooning into serious problems recently, cannot be ignored and must make one wonder whether something's different about Toyota that leads to these sudden problems with its vehicles.

But Toyota still has a point.

Toyota has been doing the right thing with the recalls and repairs.  Just as have the other automakers in the past.

Toyota's punishment is in terms of lost sales and lost reputation as a maker of reliable cars, and they cannot ignore this.

So why must government be so harsh, then?  I mean, bureaucracy costs money, lots of it...

I say, let the consumer decide the fate of the various automakers based on product reliablity record and other factors... not the state.

Maybe the Obamacrats are trying to get Toyota to stop setting up factories in America?  If so, well, that's dumb- the more factories in America, the more jobs there will be, after all...


Anonymous said...

Obama is now the CEO of GM (Government Motors). So of course they are going to fry Toyota in an effort to increase demand for the government brand.

Sales will be incentivized and soon Toyota (et. al.) will be facing new tariffs.
This of course will increase govt. spending. Slow the econ. recovery, and shrink auto jobs. That's what the Progs want.

Displaced angry union workers then get acorned, wear similar cloths, and begin careers in public service enforcing new regulations displacing more workers and the funnel turns.

Meanwhile the control over the means of production of wealth will rapidly shift from the people to the government.

We could easily blow right past socialism, head straight into communism run by the fascist Prog party. Oh Joy!

P.S. If you are conservative have you driven a Ford lately?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Well, I really like the F-150 SVT Raptor... Love to acquire one someday...

Anonymous said...

Oooooooooo, saw my first a few weeks back. So wide I thought it was an H1 at first. Baja light rack is a must. 6.2 Liter and crew cabs on the way. I like black on black in and out. Call it the Antiprog.

Shhhhhh! Be vewy vewy qwiet, I’m hunting Prius.

Found one I can afford on