Sunday, February 28, 2010

A 'Dictatorial Cult... In The Name Of Islam'

Heh... nope, not talking about the Obamacrats, silly!

 Iranian puppet-dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gays it up with his Sugar Daddies.
You can't get more cult-ish than that!
At least Obama has the decency to hide his kissing-up to Sugar Daddy Soros.

That's Iran's Opposition Leader describing the Khamenei-Ahmadinejad regime.
Mir Hossein Mousavi also challenged the government to let his supporters take to the streets freely, saying that would allow it to gauge the opposition's true strength. On Thursday, Iran's supreme leader, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, charged that the country's opposition had lost its credibility and its right to participate in politics by not accepting the results of June presidential elections.


"This is the rule of a cult that has hijacked the concept of Iranianism and nationalism," Mousavi said in an interview published on his Web site, "Our people clearly understand the difference between divine piety and thirst for power in a religious style ... our people can't tolerate that (dictatorial) behaviors are promoted in the name of religion."


"Tens of millions of Iranians who face censorship, obstruction of their freedoms and repressive measures ... and the spread of corruption and lies, want changes," Mousavi said. "Repressive measures will distance us from a logical solution."
Uh-oh... The Mullahs will not be pleased.  They'll probably do something... evil... now.   Oh, yes.  As we speak, their repression tacticians are plotting a response... and it won't be nice.  The Mullahs are no different from socialist dictators, etc., as all evildoers, throughout history, employed, and still do, repression against dissent and criticism, just to stay in power.

Apparently Iran has a Tea Party movement, too!  The government had its own Astroturf demonstration on Feb. 11, so why not let the Tea Party show its own strength, without repressing or restricting them?  Oh, of course... because it'll undermine the legitimacy and power of the ruling cult.

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