Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Disingenuous Imploration Of Obama

We've been witnessing Obama and his minions, over more than a year, demonizing the Republicans as everything they could think to say that's bad-sounding.  Hardly "bipartisan" behavior, considering Obama's pre-election promises to be "bipartisan" and all that good stuff he said to deceive, with lie after big lie, the American Voters, into believing that he's a good pick to be President.

And the Obamacrats have been using every dirty trick in the book in their attempts to impose whatever they want onto Americans, who have made it crystal clear that they want little or nothing to do with The Agenda They Didn't Vote For.

So today, when Obama implores the Republicans to be "bipartisan", well, given Obama's recent history in the job, that just doesn't sound sincere.

It's obvious that what Obama really wants is for the Republicans to submit!

Will the Republicans submit, Dhimmi-like?  I hope not.  Because the American People don't want them to, so they better not.

Submitting just for the sake of proving they're "bipartisan" and all that... is NOT what the American People want anyone to do vis-a-vis the broadly-reviled, authoritarian, tyrannical Obamacrat Reich.

No, Mr. Obama, they will not simply "go outside and make snow angels with" the nasty old racist Democrat Harry "Obama Has A Negro Accent" Reid just to boost their "bipartisan" optics.  They know better than to take a ride on the crocodile's back, having learned the hard way already not to do something that stupid.

It just doesn't work that way.

Besides, the Obamacrats are themselves NOT the least bit "bipartisan".  They're dictatorial, and even use violent thug (SEIU's Purpleshirts, for example) intimidation, amongst a multitude of other desperate, extreme tactics, legal, illegal, and hard-to-tell-which, to get their way.

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