Sunday, February 14, 2010

Terror Attack Strikes India Again

Story here.

9 slain, 45 injured at German bakery in Pune, India
This is the first terror attack since the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, 15 months ago. For the last two months, there has been a growing buzz of an imminent terror attack, especially as India and Pakistan were preparing to resume talks that have been suspended since the Mumbai carnage. Now there is a question mark over the talks scheduled for February 25 in Delhi.

The blast, which left a 6ftx4ft hole in the wall, took place at 7.15pm when the bakery was milling with people, many of them foreigners. According to Union home secretary G K Pillai, there was an unattended packet which exploded when a waiter tried to open it. 
Odd how I've yet to see this in the North American "news"...  It's mostly being reported in India and a few nearby countries.

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