Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Iranian Ayatollah's Brownshirts Attack Free World Embassies

 Iranian Islamic Supremacists, in unrelated older photo.
Note the seig-heiling.

The IslamiNazis of Iran are goosestepping all over the place in the countdown to their promised-for-Thursday-the-11th big act of war against the United States, though whether the Ayatollah's bluffing about the "stunning attack" remains to be seen.
(...) designed to raise international tensions around Iran to fever pitch to deter opposition leaders from staging their planned mass protest demonstrations lest they be accused of treason and collaborating with the Islamic republic's foreign foes.
We'll know within a couple of days whether the Ayatollah dog's bark is worse than his promised bite.

Whether Thursday or some other time, it's only a question of when, not whether.

Those who dismiss the grave and imminent threat of Iran vis-a-vis the Free World are no better fools than latter-day Neville "Peace in Our Time" Chamberlains.

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