Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Politicians And Doctors Want To Play God?

Featured comment (to help give a little bit more of a voice to members of a group named We the People)...

By Vince, via email...
I know this time of year, the driving can be dicey due to slippery roads, but this is one slope in a government health care Canada that could end up being a car wreck for the born disabled (autism, down syndrome), diseased (renal failure, diabetes, etc.) and old.
“And patients at the "end of life" could be babies born with serious medical difficulties or seniors whose bodies are shutting down, one system after another.”

Earthly rules must be set by earthly rulers, usually politicians. I don’t know about you, but I’m not on board with someone else’s rulemaking on when my or my loved one’s time is up.
This reporting inadvertently exposes some of the tenants of progressivism.  Purifying the gene pool, eliminating impurities through eugenics. The progressives codify their ideology through the perception of being humane, carried out by doctors who’s actions and decisions for an individual will be controlled through government. The Third Reich believed in, experimented with (Dr. Josef Mengele) and horrifically practiced this as well; genetic and ethnic cleansing to create “perfection” in an Aryan race. Always remember; progressives believe man is perfectible.
“Barrette told the committee the issue of euthanasia could not be discussed in Quebec 50 years ago, comparing it with the evolution in thinking about abortion.”
There have always been and always will be babies born dead (still born). Maternal life threatening reasons aside; where, when and why did we come to this mindset as a species that it’s ok to kill babies just because we don’t want them or it’s inconvenient because of personal lifestyle changes or a birth defect to deal with? Has our culture trumped our protective procreation survival instinct as humans?
Is this “evolution”? How have we evolved or devolved? If you believe or don’t in the Commandments, what’s wrong with a little “guideline”, “Thou shall not kill”? Doctors certainly know when death is imminent; but is it their job to be an enabler of death or stand off to the side, as an advocate of life, easing the at times, painful natural processes?
Every person is different, but personally, if I’m terminal, I want the end to come at my home of heart, with my family, out of pain; no one choosing the time or method.
Why must we submit to powerful mortals like policitcians and doctors?  It's not as if they're necessarily all that qualified to make such decisions.  I know for a fact that even doctors frequently don't have a clue what they're talking about.  Really.  They'll frequently just say whatever they think will keep the patients and/or family members calm, etc., and that's not necessarily always good enough.  And as for politicians, well, just look at Obama, and look at the frightening, wack-job Hard-Leftwingnutcase neo-Commie extremist "Czars" he's appointed, who believe, zealously, in such things as pushing euthanasia, abortion, socialism, eugenics, imposing radically militant sexual-extremism propaganda onto schoolchildren... you name it.

Perhaps the best response to these particular doctors, who are under incredible pressure with the socialism-necissitated rationing stuff and all, and who might be influenced by this rationing in pushing to terminate more and more people as a matter of convenience (shades of the Chinese Communist Party, whose population control ideas include forced abortion, a one-child-per-woman law, executing dissidents and other inconvenients in unknown, but indubitably massive, numbers).

There are those who say "don't talk about abortion... just don't mention it, period".  Well, then, let's not talk about making decisions that should be left up to none other than The Creator, who has the power over everything between cradle and grave.  Who are mere men and women to arrogantly assert that they're of such lofty existential status themselves?

If need be, it may sometimes be left up to one's own Creator to decide.

As a rule of thumb, no one should be so arrogant as to presume to be the one to decide the very moment at which to cause the end of human life.

If the rationing thing is driving doctors nuts, they shouldn't be given such luxury as to take the easy way out just because it'd make them feel better/make their job easier.

They should get behind the inevitable, and necessary, progression towards a BALANCED HEALTHCARE SYSTEM.

Mark my words, we DO ABSOLUTELY need to have a balance between government-administered (and "free" for all) and private-sector-administered healthcare.  After all, the way it is now, purely-socialised, is clearly failing, and will NEVER be "fixed", precisely due to its socialist nature and due to the fact that unions have too much power (including the unacceptable, mean-spiritedly selfish, power to strike to hold the sick, injured and suffering for ransom!) to decide what's done with healthcare dollars confiscated from The People (who, by all inalienable rights, have the say in how they're to be spent, and even whether there can be unions at all, or what powers unions may be permitted to possess).

The best thing to do is to stop letting others tell you how to be thinking about this.  Think for yourself, and assess the reality of the situation.  If you don't do this, then you won't know what you're talking about when rendering your "opinion" (to which, of course, you're fully entitled, but, really, do you want it to be based on ignorance, or on the plagiarization of the opinions of others?).
The fact that this is a democracy, with ultimate power lying in the hands of The People, means that, yes, we can, We The People, whatever Free World country we live in, can decide, as opposed to the politicians, doctors and union dictators.

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