Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Unfair Double Standard: Christians Persecuted, But Gays Protected By State Apparatus

Both events happened in Chicago.  Which is one of the most notoriously Hard-Left-"Progressive" jurisdictions in America.

And the stark differences between how each group, ie. the Christians and the gays, were treated by the Chicago state apparatus, couldn't be more jarring, frightening and ominously shocking.

There's definitely something bigoted about Chicago's state apparatus.  I'm surprised that Chicago doesn't force Christian residents to wear a yellow fabric cross on their clothing.

When Christians tried to communicate in public at public gay places, they got arrested, just because they were "outside (oh, wait; they were arrested when they obediently moved inside them) free-speech zones" (hey, but the US Constitution doesn't allow the state apparatus to create zones for free speech and for the prohibition thereof, in public places!).

There was indubitable discrimination against the Christian activists.  As soon as the activists went to court for remedy, the Chicago state apparatus backed off on the discrimination (kind of like how the "Human Rights" Commissions in Canada backed off when Ezra Levant, Mark Steyn and MacLeans magazine indicated they'd take their telling-the-truth-about-Islamic-Supremacism cases to a real court, the SCOC, if they were convicted without a fair trial, as had always been the case, 100% conviction rate, with the "Human Rights" Commissions in Canada).
Repent America – which saw 11 of its members arrested two years ago evangelizing at a public homosexual-activist event – says the three in Chicago were handcuffed and arrested for passing out Christian literature to homosexuals and holding up signs with Bible verses near the city's popular Navy Pier, reports Agape Press.

Police had warned the evangelists they would be arrested if caught distributing literature outside of certain designated "free-speech zones."

But the group claims that after members followed directions and moved across the street to another area, police returned and arrested them anyway.

In response, Repent America filed an emergency motion for a temporary restraining order, prompting the government agency that runs the pier, the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority, to agree to allow the group to continue its activities there, Agape Press said. 

Now we juxtapose...

Right out front, and they weren't arrested. 
How special, exempt, exalted and protected-by-the-state-apparatus compared to Christians.  
With the special flags and special, defamatory literature... right out front.  
No "free speech zone" for them.  
No wonder they're usually "happy"!   
"Look at us...", they almost seem to say, "...we're special, and you're not!"
Which is ironic, because the "gay" activists are the real haters, and their hate is actually endorsed by the Chicago state apparatus!
So much for equality of all persons under and before the law, eh?

Attending Mass at Holy Name Cathedral was supposed to be one of the final Valentine's Day weekend treats for Cindy White and her husband, who had traveled to Chicago from Hampshire, Ill., to celebrate the romantic holiday.

Instead, the couple found themselves wading through nearly 100 men and women who had gathered outside the cathedral Sunday morning to protest the Catholic Church's opposition to gay marriage and other stances that they see as unjust to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

Hey, how come the GLBT teabaggers don't protest right out front of Mosques?  Aren't they aware of what is said about them inside Mosques, as well as within the Koran, and by Shariah Law, which Islamic Supremacists openly indicate they want to impose onto them one day (via the process, already well-underway, under the radar, in the Free World, of "Islamization")?

Why single out Christians (and why does the state apparatus apparently endorse this singling-out?)?
Last year, the Gay Liberation Network helped organize a march from the city building in which marriage licenses are issued to Holy Name to show support for gay marriage, said Andy Thayer, the group's co-founder.

"We want to drag the church's bigotry out of the closet," said Thayer, 49.
Oh, bullshit.  Look who's talking.... the hypocrites, the real haters!  Why don't they protest against the Mosques' obvious opposition to the GLBT agenda???  Why only target Christians, who don't preach violence against the GLBTs, unlike the Imams in some Mosques?

How come the state apparatus wants to silence what Christians have to say, but the state apparatus won't similarly crack down on gays who utter hateful, defamatory slogans right there on the sidewalk out front of Christian Churches, and only in front of those particular places of worship, never in front of Mosques?  Why be afraid of peaceful, non-violent Christians, but be silent in the face of Islamic Supremacists who preach violence and murder for homosexuality?

Why, why, WHY do the GLBT militants not go after Mosques, especially Mosques where Imams like this one preside?  Really, to assume that there aren't such Mosques in America, whereas they assume that Churches in America are so horrible as the GLBTs claim... is, well, who can take the Rainbow Flag militants seriously?

All I'm saying is that there's a double standard here, or perhaps a triple standard here.

There's obviously a hierarchy of rights, as far as the Leftist State Apparatus (like the one ruling over Chicago) is concerned.  It's Islam at the top, followed by GLBTs, with Christians at the very bottom.

If none of this is food for your paradigm-shifting thought, then you're one of those lazy-minded "progressives" who would prefer to simply be told what's what, than to think for him or herself.  And you're probably a Christianophobe, even if you claim to be "Christian" yourself.  After all, to dismiss obvious discrimination against Christians, when witnessing all the facts in evidence, well, what kind of person does such an attitude make you, as long as you harbor this discriminatory attitude?  Offended?  Insulted and appalled, are you?  Well, scroll way back up to the warning below the masthead on this blog, which cautioned that you, a so-called "progressive", would be offended and insulted, so...


Jen said...

"We want to drag the church's bigotry out of the closet," said Thayer, 49.

Well, how about the Mosque's bigotry out of the closet, Thayer?

Whether you are a muslim gay or christian gay; there are rules within these 'house of prayer' that all must follow period and gay marriage is out of the question.

I don't know why the gays don't stand where they are and scream at GOD for creating such rules is beyond me. I am sure that He will give them an answer.

FVHT said...

christians attacks homosexuals kiss in french 14 fevr 2010

Canadian Sentinel said...

Sorry, but I can tell absolutely NOTHING from that video.

I see no evidence of "Christians" attacking "homosexuals". I can't tell anything at all. This could be anything. Whatever's being said, I still see no evidence of "Christians" attacking "homosexuals".

You'll have to do better than that.