Tuesday, February 23, 2010

TorStar's Travers Attacks From Far Left

James Travers, obviously a Prog, is doing the Prog propaganda thing again.

ht: NNW

Oh, sheesh.  I don't remember this guy ripping into Liberals or Democrats like this.  When Progs do the "ideological" stuff, Progs in the Media of Mass Deception give them a free pass, as a matter of course.

But when conservatives do stuff that Progs just don't like or agree with, then the Progs condemn them as "ideologues".  And a lot of worse stuff.  Kind of like being on the playground at recess again.

The Conservatives aren't doing anything of a worse magnitude than the Liberals or the US Democrats have ever done.  Hell, they're not doing anything nearly as extreme as did Chretien and Martin before them, nor as revolutionary on such a grand scale as Obama is doing in America.

Nevertheless, the Conservatives get bashed incessantly.  Well, that's Jim Travers's job- when there's the opportunity, then he's supposed to take it to bash any and all Conservatives doing non-Leftist stuff, whatever it be, whatever the magnitude.

And Travers apparently doesn't want to talk about the details, doesn't want to talk about the WHYs, etc.  He just says, "these guys slashed this, axed that, booted so-and-so out, etc...".  No reasons, as, apparently reasons are irrelevant to Progs when it comes to bashing Conservatives.

And Travers is wrong when he purports to speak for the "Moderate Majority".

The Moderate Majority is actually conservative, not leftist.  Issue by issue, when the plain hard facts are given, the Moderate Majority, armed with a proper understanding of what's what, will agree with the Conservatives, not the Progs.  This is why Prog propagandists like James Travers are always hard at work to deceive the Moderate Majority to keep them swinging towards the Liberals, who most frequently do extreme-leftwingnut stuff, thus pleasing the Hard Left and keeping them happy enough so that they don't bash them.

Obviously we need something in a FOX News Canada to provide some balance and fairness in newsmedia reportage.  The Prog Media of Mass Deception still has too much of a say, and non-Progs still have too little of a say.  So I say, promote greater diversity of sources of news and views.  Twist the CRTC's leftist arms so they'll stop acting like Hugo Fecking Chavez and allow politically incorrect truths and analyses to reach more Canadians so that they'll be more accurately informed for when they go to vote.

Hey, Jimmy T:  How come I don't recall you bashing the Liberals for doing similar stuff and worse?  Oh, right, of course.  You're a... Liberal, right?  Or at least a generic Useful Idiot...


Jen said...

When a national media go against their own country troops and canadian to promoto the most the corrupt party in canadian history and to support the coalition as well. Canada and canadians have a 'serious problem. when it comes to the media.
The national media we have is not Democratic, they do not love this country the way we do; they are ashamed of her but not of the liberals who stole from this nation and support terrorist groups. In fact, the terrorist groups know where their bread is buttered and be used and at no time nor hour or anything can the media and liberals ever utter the word I care or love my country canada because the terrorist themselves will laugh at them.
In my eyes, the media is done, no good only a handful of reporters and handful of radio show hosts are left to do the job.
And I urge them to do a job which they have never done before to save canada from the OPPOSITION PARTIES, and their corrupt parties.

Canadian Sentinel said...

It's time for a media revolution in Canada.