Friday, February 19, 2010

Liberal Leader Ignatieff No Fan Of Canada

After all, he IS "just visiting"!

Sheesh!  What's wrong with Michael Ignatieff?  Why the hell can't he just affirm his support for the Canadian team?

What kind of Canadian patriot is he?

What kind of Canadian is he?

Is this an example of his plan to "just be himself from now on"?

If so, well, let him keep it up and expose his true colors to us, whatever they are.  Perhaps they're the colors of the Russian flag?

Perhaps his true loyalties lie here?

ht: Bourque Newswatch

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Jen said...

First off : Yesterday:


I don't think Ignatieff cares about Canada that much; he is learning from the libs themselves; Hedy Frye said that they used to be 'proud canadians' apparently not anymore, so Ignatieff is following suit.
If they say that they love canada; well then, they would not support terrorist groups., right?.