Friday, February 12, 2010

Revealed: Islamic Fascist/Leftist Censorship Conspiracy Against Israeli Ambassador

Re. Recent Islamic-Fascist-led action to prevent Israeli Abmassador from speaking at UC-Irvine
The students came up with the following plan. They had been told that if they interrupted the speech, they would be arrested for disturbing a public event, so the students went sequentially, each interrupting the Ambassador once. Each student would stand up in the middle of the speech and start screaming out condemnation, which would trigger the wild applause of many other students in the audience. The student would then walk to the aisle to be arrested and escorted out by campus police. Once the Ambassador started again, the next student would go, resulting in a total of 10 interruptions to the speech and arrests of 11 students, 8 from UC Irvine and 3 from UC Riverside.

Crazy bigots.  No doubt they'll get off easy, very simply just because they're M......  Oh, yes, I see them getting off easy all the time.  All sorts of "special" folks get off easy for doing all sorts of uncivilized, criminal stuff the Hard Left likes to see them do.

SOBs are very clearly guilty, as is apparent, of co-conspiracy to deny someone his human right to speak... just because he's Jewish, really.  His being Israeli is just a convenient excuse for Jew-haters to bash Jews.

Yep.  Gonna get off easy.  The authorities are afraid to treat Muslim lawbreakers as harshly as they treat Kufr lawbreakers.  We're talking intimidation leading to leniency for "special" folks who don't deserve any.  If I'm wrong, and the bigots are treated appropriately harshly, then let me know- shoot me a link, then.

Terrible.  Prejudiced.  Bigoted.  Intolerant.  Big-Lies-spewing.

How about we Kufrs do that to speeches planned by the "Palestinian Authority" guy, Abbas?  Nah... we're fair.  We'd wait until question period to take the guy to task.  We're actually civilized, unlike those uncivilized Jew-haters who only make the rest of the Muslim Community look bad, so who can blame the growing and growing number of folks who believe that the Muslim Community has an extraordinarily high proportion of extremists and hateful bigots?  Like, they do it to themselves, and the Muslim Community doesn't seem too interested in stopping those extremists from acting like that.  Seems to be a code of silence of some sort.

If a couple of "Christians" acted like that, the whole Christian faith and community would be tarred and feathered by that one incident, and Christians would disassociate themselves from such extremists who pretend to be "Christian" whilst really not being so.

Just look at the evidence, observe what happens in reality.  And see the patterns.  And see the differences between the faiths.  This is what takes you closer to the truth, not the propagandists who say one thing or another.

And remember, those who don't want to discuss the truth about the Islamic World and about Free World Muslim communities... are trying to hide something that they don't want the People to know.  If there's nothing to hide, then we wouldn't be forbidden to criticize and expose Islamic Supremacism.  If there's nothing to hide, then the Netherlands wouldn't be jackbooting Geert Wilders, but there they go... persecuting him for simply speaking the inconvenient truth about an extremist ideology that threatens humanity, such inconvenient truth being something the extremists want to cover up, as exposure rather gets in the way of their agenda, which includes propaganda and misinformation.

Why is it deemed ok and encouraged by the Left and the Big Old Media to criticize and spread hatefully false propaganda against Jews, Christians, Israel, etc... but it's a "hate crime" to even speak the truth about Islam, particularly the more supremacist interpretations, which are massive and growing and spreading worldwide, and whose followers are openly determined to one day take over the levers of power in the Free World and then impose Islam ("Islamize") thereonto?  And who intend to impose the horrific, torturous Sharia Law onto us all (and who are already being caught practicing it in the Free World)?

There's no evidence to justify the (politically correct, polite) assumption that only an extremely tiny number of Muslims are like this.  The evidence I've been seeing over the years strongly, logically, rationally suggests otherwise.  But don't expect to hear about this evidence very much in the Big Old Media, who sanitizes much of what they report, and who ignore a LOT of what they should be telling us.

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joe six-pack said...

This is right up their alley. Waging war by whatever means possible.

The war is coming to us. Unless we wage offensive warfare, it can only be a matter of time before the pattern of open violence begins 'over here'.