Sunday, February 28, 2010

No Wonder They Set Up So Many Factories In China

Because China's minimum wage is almost the lowest in the world.

Almost the lowest in the world, despite China's astonishing, obscene wealth and explosive economic expansion.

This is why we in the Free World are at a competitive disadvantage.
Dr. Cheng said: “’WWR’ exposes a basic problem. It is that China’s so-called development completely ignores social justice. It favors or tends to protect the interests of an elite group."

Mr. Liu asserts that what the Chinese people want is simply to be treated justly. “[Those] who work hard [should] earn more, but what’s happening now? Many laborers in China, especially some migrant and rural workers, perform extremely hard labor, yet their wages are very low.”

On the other hand, the wages of state civil servants and employees of state-owned companies and monopolies increase at an alarming rate. Moreover, these workers also get generous benefits while there is no social security system to maintain the low-income class, Cheng said.

China’s fiscal revenues increased 30 times over the past 20 years, with an annual growth rate of 19.5 percent—far greater than the GDP growth rate. But the amount of this money spent on education and public health is small compared to other developed countries. 

Nevertheless, the "Progressive" movement delusionally believes that China is necessarily a utopian paradise of equality and "social justice".   And this delusion extends all the way to the current occupier of the White House, who is known for his admiration of Iron-Fist-Ruled Communist China.

There's an incredible amount of damning stuff about China that we're not being told by the Media of Mass Deception.

Apparently, communism is a big lie.  It's not about "equality", nor about "social justice".  But how many of us know what's really going on with those who claim to be "progressive", such as the Chinese Communist Party, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Barack Obama...?

Communism/socialism/progressivism is a big-lie tool of greedy, powerful elites.  It's an opiate for the masses.  The masses are fed propaganda, led to believe that leftism is going to make everyone better off.  But the truth lies behind the elitist curtains.  And when people start to realize that they've been had, well, if they try to speak out, all kinds of terrible, inhumane things happen to them...  Especially in Communist-Tyrannized China.

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