Monday, February 08, 2010

Chavez Neo-Nazi Brownshirts Number 150,000

 Hugo Chavez: The Venezuelan Hitler/Lenin?

Yes, the headline is appropriate.

Venezuela under Hugo Chavez's dictatorship is indeed all about... NATIONAL SOCIALIST VENEZUELAN WORKERS...  Just like National Socialist German Workers...

National socialist (nationality here) workers is as national socialist (nationality here) workers does.

And already Hugo's got himself a huge force of his very own brownshirt loyalists, to ensure that dissent is crushed.
Orlando Castillo, with the Socialist Workers Front, a Chavez-allied group, was quoted by El Universal as saying that the purpose of the militias was to use the labor troops to “defend the people,” adding that “there need to be many more” troops.
“There need to be many more,” he said, “because they represent the idea of the integrated worker who is capable of producing and also of defending the people.”
"Defending the people"?  Like, all people or just those who toe the line?   Got to read between the lines, and decipher the codespeak... "people" means only those who are onside with the regime... period.  Everyone else will NOT be "defended".  Everyone else will be treated as if they were foreign illegal enemy combatants intruding into the country.
The workers’ militias are an ideological remnant of the Communist coup d’etat in Russia 1917, whose leaders Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky created the groups and used them to overthrow the Czarist government, eventually turning them into units of the Red Army.

 In Venezuela today the militias are made up of individual workers who are armed with guns and trained to ensure that their respective companies comply with the agenda of the ruling United Socialist Party.  

Yup.  Toldya so.

Hugo's got some sort of neo-Nazi/Bolshevik revolution going on.

And that's bad.  And a threat to the Free World.

Smells like the Cold War, with all these socialist tyrannies springing up, supported by the likes of the resurgent Evil Empire, Red China, Iran, etc... all enemies of America and of the Free World.

It only gets worse.  And I notice that it gets worse much quicker when there's a constantly-bowing 98-pound weakling in the White House.

And it doesn't help, either, that the guy currently occupying the White House is such a great pal of Hugo...
There's O and there's Hugo.
And there's Manuel Zelaya, the guy who tried to become dictator of Honduras (O likes him, too).
Shades of the Chamberlain-Hitler meeting...
Peace in our time?  Don't count on it.  Prepare to deal with the opposite.
What will O do?
Probably just go play golf and stupidly slur variously-challenged minorities...
Barry-O shouldn't hang around with Hugo.  He just ends up smelling sulfury, thanks to the incessant stink-projections of his buddy Eww-go.


電話 said...
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Canadian Sentinel said...

Uh-oh... I think one of those socialists (from Red China, I believe) just uttered a veilled death threat, saying,

"Drive carefully. It's not only Chinese cars that can be recalled by their maker."

And a link to porn.

Fecking socialists. Sheesh!

Canadian Sentinel said...

Kind of makes me feel like I just got brownshirted...

Guess this post really had an impact.


Casus belli!

Sic semper tyrannis!

Illegitimi non carborundum!

I think that troll/spammer has been here before. Probably a disruptor from United Front Works.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Actually, the exact quotation, via my email notification, was,

"Drive carefully. It is not only cars that can be recalled by their Maker"

I think I might've pulled a similar message out of a fortune cookie...

Jen said...

Chavez knows how to fill the people with milk and honey and starve thoae who defy him.
"God, pleae protect innocent venezuelans souls from the hands of Chavez".

Chavez knows that his days are numbered. The shock has not hit the people completely but when it does, the build for a revolution will strengthen and Chavez will fall. He knows that very well.

Mack said...

Comparing Dear Leader to Neville Chamberlain is unfair and ahistorical; naive Chamberlain was a patriot. Dear Leader, alas, doesn't seem to be deceived at all.

Canadian Sentinel said...

I may beg to differ. It's actually conceivable that Dear Leader is, in fact, deceived... at least by The Men Behind the Curtain, ie. his Puppetmasters, plus the radically extreme, revolutionary socialist-Islamist propaganda and indoctrination for which he fell in his early years and which continues to this day.

Obama's unable to see evil or imminent danger where it lurks, even if it stares him directly in the eyes. He'll look at a snarling black panther and say, oooooh, nice kitty... here, kitty, kitty, kitty... If that's not delusion, I don't know what is. Alternatively, he's evil if he's not deluded, and this would mean that he wishes malice upon us all.