Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Confront The Bullies

Says Andrew Breitbart.
It’s time to hit back at these people — that these people keep calling you a racist… Instead of slinking into the corner and crying or saying ‘I don’t like that,’ you walk straight towards them and confront them; and they’re bullies, they’re just bullies and bullies crumble when you hit them back.
That's what we haven't been doing. And that's a huge part of the problem.   It's why those lying, slandering Progs keep on getting away with their public slanders... and, in the process, cheatingly winning votes for Prog politicians.

This is what I've been doing as The Canadian Sentinel- hitting back at the Hard-Leftwingnutcase bullies and Useful Idiots.

We've got to get into these nasty assholes' faces and demand they either prove whatever malicious slanders they uttered... or STFU and FO.
After Andrew treated Tommy Christopher – the wildly unprofessional race-baiting White House reporter from Mediaite — exactly the way he deserved to be treated, by chance, no more than a couple minutes later, my wife and I happened to be next to Christopher as he bragged to the few people around him, “We got him — We got him.”
Talk about mental disorder in those crazy Progs, eh!   They really, really do have a mental disorder... they keep on demonstrating it with their bizarre, delusional, fantastical utterances!  It spews from their gaping pie-holes as obliviously as the farts from their hineys.
Next thing I know I hear a woman telling Christopher off; calling him a liar — that he did not “get” Andrew Breitbart — and a race baiter, and the shining example of why the media no one trusts anymore is dead. No profanity, nothing un-ladlylike, just righteous facts.
No more Mr. Nice guy.

Tell off the Progs!

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