Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What If Omar Khadr Was A Teenage Neo-Nazi White Supremacist Instead?

Omar Khadr.  Canadian citizen.  Member, Al Qaeda.  On trial for murder in illegal combat.

Would the Left still love him as much if he was a filthy white teenage skinhead on trial for the murder of a visible minority instead of being an Islamic Supremacist who murdered an American soldier whilst engaged in illegal combat thereagainst?

Story here.

It concerns the bizarre sympathy the Washington Post (a leftist rag) has for the young Al Qaedan Islamic Supremacist.
This line of thinking is too much for me to stomach.  It is no wonder that there is such disillusionment, discord, disunity, disarray, disharmony, and abject misunderstanding of Islam within The United States of America, when major news outlets such as The Washington Post continue to engage in this kind of effusive, sniveling, sickening solicitation of sympathy for jihadist GI-killers such as Omar Khadr.

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Watcher said...

Personally, I don't care if he rots in Gitmo. His family now want to sue the Canadian government (us) for $10 million. This taxpayer says give them the money... under one condition. That the whole clan leaves and for $10 million, take your friends with you!