Saturday, February 06, 2010

Geert Wilders Case: Questions Re Fairness Of Trial

  "Peaceful" Muslims, in what's an all-too-familiar public scene involving Islamic Supremacists, incite murder against Geert Wilders.
Funny how those terrorists can't even spell "terrorist" right, isn't it? 
And fascinating how Islamic Supremacists always incite murder against those who dare to point out the undeniable truth about Supremacist Islam and Islamists.

Something doesn't smell right about the way the case is starting.

Perhaps the presiding judge should be closely scrutinized for any appearance of corruption, bias and/or being intimidated by those who were "insulted" by the truth being told by Mr. Wilders.

It's not funny at all, however, that our human rights are threatened by these supremacists and by corrupt judges and courts who submit to their intimidation.  After all, the fear of being assassinated is one helluva powerful motivator, and many judges are clearly not as fearless as is Geert Wilders, who only wants to defend freedom, democracy, the rule of democratically-generated law and human rights... from those who actively work to take them away from humanity.


Anonymous said...

Even if you write a letter to the editor and mention any thing to do with the rag people; you must be cautious. I asked once of a writer of an editorial if he was spwening Hamas propaganda. The reply has made me very cautious. They are extreme people. Intimation they try....but there again so do bullies...enough said..

Canadian Sentinel said...

A former blogger, awhile back, in a nearby city, advised me of a quite disquieting reaction he got from a prominent local fundamentalist Islamic cleric following his public criticism of Supremacist Islam.

The blogger, who was the first to actually urge me to start a blog myself, strongly-outspoken and not one to back down from a confrontation, said, "I've been warned".

Even more disquieting than the standard Warning-to-the-Infidel-Kufr was the fact that the email the cleric sent to the blogger... the email self-deleted itself from the blogger's inbox, as if programmed by a very savvy radical to quickly vanish into thin air and cover its tracks...

Always On Watch said...

The very fact that Wilders is on trial is appalling!

Furthermore, some of my typically well-informed friends didn't even know he was on trial (and why) until I told them. The U.S. media blackout on the trial is that complete!

Always On Watch said...

That story in your above comment is surreal - and alarming.

Our freedoms are under attack from every side, and some making threats do know how to cover their tracks. Disturbing.

But these tactics must not silence us!

Anonymous said... very worried. You see, the trial has been ajourned for several months, and the judges say it is to give Geerts witnesses a chance to get it together (this is very fishy) concerned that the ajournment isnt as it seems, and may be to give a "hitman" a chance to assassinate Geert?

I mean, think about it.....if Geert is taken out by a goon islamist....this will mean they dont have to try him, and the court will look good in Islams eyes for even bringing him to account...and the coward judges get off without solving the problem.............
I hope Geert is safe......

Canadian Sentinel said...

In Canada, the "Human Rights" Commission attempted to persecute Ezra Levant for publishing the famous MoToons, plus also MacLeans magazine and Mark Steyn.

But they stood up to those fascists, the first to do so after decades of a perfect-100% conviction rate, and alerted us online watchers to what was going on. Most of the media ignored it, though the National Post covered it a bit, and Mike Duffy (now a Senator) had Ezra on his show to discuss it. Ezra also published a book about the whole thing.

Under pressure, including personal pressure, the Commissars blinked and backed off... for the very first time in the history of these Liberal Fascist star chambers. They really wanted to crucify 'em all, it's very clear, but they didn't dare, because then they'd face trial themselves at the Supreme Court, for violating peoples' Charter rights for all these decades!

The more we expose what's going on in this trial, and spread the outrageous news worldwide, the better. We must not allow the Big Old Media worldwide to "manufacture consent" for this obvious act of tyranny against Mr. Wilders and against freedom of expression.

If Winston Churchill were here today, he'd probably be similarly persecuted for warning the world about the Nazis and the Muslims, too (and we know now that the Nazis and the Muslims were working very closely together, including on the Final Solution, via Haj Amin Al Husseini, who's apparently more culpable than any "Aryan" Nazi was, vis-a-vis the Satanic extermination plot).

Anonymous said...

Good to see some interest in the Geert Wilder's case.

I don't understand the liberal-conservative dichotomy in this otherwise fun site.

There is no liberal party in Canada. There is a Catholic Party, A pro-religionist party and a pro-union party plus a few scattered lost soles.

I'm a very liberal minded person but I certainly support Geert's fight for freedom of expression.