Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ex-Nazi Collaborator & Leader Of U.S. Left: Cashing In On Financial Disasters?

 George Soros.  
 Influence on Obama politics & policy

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Evil, greedy men plotting behind the curtain
A secretive group of Wall Street hedge fund bosses are said to be behind a plot to cash in on the decline of the euro.

Representatives of George Soros's investment business were among an all-star line up of Wall Street investors at an 'ideas dinner' at a private townhouse in Manhattan, according to reports.
A spokesman for Soros Fund Management said the legendary investor did not attend the dinner on February 8, but did not deny that his firm was represented.
Greek prime minister George Papandreou hit back at the 'speculators' who he blames for preying on the country's troubles.
It was YOU?!
Considering Mr. Soros's proudly-admitted connection to the Nazis during the Holocaust, it must be understood that the Nazis also stole Greece's gold.  Now the ex-Nazi collaborator, Soros, as part of a powerful group of greedy men, threatens to bankrupt Greece...  Again...
'They took away the Greek gold that was at the Bank of Greece, they took away the Greek money and they never gave it back,' said Deputy prime minister Theodoros Pangalos.

Germany had failed to offer enough compensation for the economic impact of the Nazi occupation, he added.
The economy was crippled, as foreign trade was suspended, agricultural output ground to a halt, and the treasury had to loan Germany money.
History repeating itself?

Just because they, the Media of Mass Deception, won't tell us the whole truth in the "news", doesn't mean that there's not any stuff that's been going on that we should know about.

Especially when the arguably-most-powerful man in America, George Soros, remains able to wreak disaster via his White House puppet and via his many, many minion groups...

Why is this guy so easily getting away with so much, past and present?

Code of silence?

Does he command so much silence via his money-derived, deep, widespread influence?

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