Sunday, February 28, 2010

Like Bush, Like Obama

Both favor the Patriot Act.

But while Bush was condemned for it, Obama gets away with extending the very same thing.

No riots in the streets by moonbatty "youth" for Obama's extension of the supposedly-reviled-by-moonbats Patriot Act.  Can't say I'm surprised.

Just as he gets away with waging the very same wars, plus the one in Pakistan.

What the f... gives?

Double standard?

Of course.  It's the hypocritical Progs and the Media of Mass Deception protecting their own guy whereas they demonized the other guy.

It's only bad when Republicans do it.  It's always OK when Democrats do it.  Obviously, duh!

Par for the course.

And why I don't trust "progressives", nor the Media of Mass Deception.

Whither Cindy Sheehan?  Michael Moore?  Et al?  Code of silence in action?

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