Saturday, February 06, 2010

WND Founder Shows Vision, Leadership At T-Party Convention

Joseph Farah addressing national teap party convention
Joseph Farah.
Formerly of the Big Media.
Founder of World Net Daily, a truly-free press outlet.
A visionary leader for the future of America... and the Free World.

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NASHVILLE - WND founder Joseph Farah shared his long-term strategy for reclaiming the nation with tea partiers last night – explaining election wins are only half the battle and a true, lasting revolution would mean taking over cultural institutions such as the press, entertainment business, schools, universities and churches.

"We're in trouble in America," he told a packed room at the first national tea party convention in Nashville. "We're losing our moral bearings. We're losing our respect for the rule of law. You look around America today, and things are bad – and they're getting worse. We're broke. We're dispirited. We're scared."

Farah said Americans have lived through years of reckless government spending under the administrations of Presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush – each promoting big government, less freedom and declining morality.


Farah said tea partiers may win some short-term victories, but they will lose the war if they don't address the constant tug of America's cultural institutions pulling the nation in another direction. He explained that America was blessed with many worthy leaders in the past because its citizens understood the limitations of government.

In other words, government isn't the solution to problems anymore.  Government IS the problem.

Government and social institutions have been infiltrated and controlled by the Hard Left, bit by bit, over many decades, facilitated by KGB-recruited subversion/infiltration/corruption/redirection agents operating in plain sight as if ordinary civilians. They preyed on the Useful Idiots, fooling them into believing that America sucked and must be changed (towards socialism).

Now that the damage wrought by the Enemy Within is so far advanced...

Thumbing government back down into its place, ie. limited in scope and power, is the key to restoring America and the Free World to their former glories, to their leadership positions in the world, to being the examples whereby the citizens of the Non-Free World visualize their own nations becoming.

Global governance is really about international socialism, about slowly destroying national sovereignty, national Constitutions, national-constitution-guaranteed rights, human rights, freedom, democracy and the rule of democratically-generated law.

This is why America must be sovereign, strong, moral, self-sufficient.  To again lead the world away from the clutches of totalitarianism.

It's time for They The People to take America back from those who hate her.

And They The People of America, in so doing, will have the moral support of millions of their liberty-loving brethren in Canada and across the world, and not just in the Free World, either.

Liberty must triumph over tyranny!

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Anonymous said...

They use diversity to push their agenda....another form of racism...except people don't under stand this...being hired because of the colour of your skin and country of birth for hiring....Europe or any other the free world country's need not apply...