Sunday, February 28, 2010

Why So Much Secrecy, Barry?

 "The Hand says I can't tell you who was here today.  Move along.  Obey my orders.  Pay your taxes.  And like it... or else!"

This time we're not talking about his real, original, long-form, complete birth certificate, which, for very suspicious and questionable reasons, whatever they may be, remains heavily guarded in Hawaii.

This time we're talking about who's been visiting the White House.  Particularly with respect to "politically inconvenient names".
"Not literally, but in the mood of their approach, the administration has said, 'We'll release what we want, when we want,'" claims Chris Farrell, director of research and investigation for Judicial Watch. "When it's convenient, they laud themselves as masters of transparency – except when they don't want to be." 

Well, of course... being Leftists, the Obamacrats are all about what's convenient, what's not.  And they act accordingly.  Soooo predictable.
"When you go back 15 years, and you have claims that certain persons were and weren't visiting – in the case of the Clintons, it was Communist Chinese generals, with Bush it was Jack Abramoff – we thought the American public had right to know what was going on," Farrell told WND. "With Obama, we believe the records should also be made public. This current, self-congratulatory 'transparency' is disingenuous." 

Disingenuous.  But of course.  Obamacrats are Leftists, and, as such, disingenuity is part of their core essence.
"The Obama administration is trying to evade the Freedom of Information Act in order to protect its hidden Secret Service visitor logs," responded Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton in a statement. "Instead of wasting taxpayer resources stonewalling the release of these documents, the Obama administration should respect the rule of law, as well as court precedent, and release all logs of White House visitors immediately. These hidden visitor logs again show the 'big lie' of Obama's supposed commitment to transparency." 

Judicial Watch is taking the White House to court over the matter.  But they shouldn't have to.  Obviously the BHO WH is spewing bullshit and stalling for time... exactly as they've been doing on the matter of Obama's original, authentic, genuine, complete birth certificate.  They know they're doing wrong, yet they keep digging themselves deeper, like dung beetles, into the prairie cake.
"There are instances where someone's appearance or arrival would be politically awkward or inconvenient, and no exemption exists for the politically embarrassing," he continues. "During the Clinton administration, the logs showed Monica Lewinsky going in and out; and we don't know, based on the Obama administration's 'exceptions,' if the shoe was on other foot, they might never release that. Who knows who's going in and out?" 

Hmm... wonder who's going in and out?  Betcha some unsavory characters...


Sounder said...

"Hmm... wonder who's going in and out? Betcha some unsavory characters..." Uh huh, considering the Obama Whitehouse is a misfit magnet.

Enkidu said...

Of course teh Won is transparent, He has said so Himself, hasn't He? What more proof do you need?

Most. Transparent. Government. EVAH.

Canadian Sentinel said...

A bunch of names already came to light, rather inconvenient names of unsavory characters. But guess what? The propagandists of the WH said "Oh, no... not the famous one... just somebody with the same name...", but what are the odds that there'd be so many nobodies visiting the WH, nobodies with the same names as infamous extremists?