Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hate Crime Crisis: 11 Texas Churches Burned Down In 2010

...because it's NOT ok to hate Christians... and NOT ok to attack them... and NOT ok to burn down their Churches.

How would the people who are doing this like it if it were done to them?

Declared almost all to be arson, ie. deliberately set.

Hate motivated?  I say most likely. Obviously.  Lots of extremists out there who hate Christians and Christianity and who want to wipe 'em out, and that's not just the ACLU, either!
At various intervals since New Year's Day, 11 churches in the state have gone up in flames, and authorities have ruled nearly all of them arson. A $25,000 reward is offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the fire starter.

"The disturbing part is it changes everyone's lifestyle," said Neal Franklin, fire chief in Tyler, where two churches have been destroyed. "It changes our attitude."

Franklin told the Dallas Morning News that when the second fire broke out in Tyler, "it suddenly hit everyone, 'Oh, my goodness, this could continue every day potentially.' … That's the tension." 

And it continued, and continues...

Imagine if it was gay bars instead, or Mosques.  Then there'd be a massive national outrage and the Obamacrats would crack down hard.

But in the case of the Churches that were deliberately destroyed, well, let's just say we're only now learning of this, outside Texas.

I'm calling it a crisis of Christianophobic hate crimes.  The odds of this happening randomly in a limited area, to only Churches, in such a short period of time... well, it's reasonable to deduce that it's a bunch of hate crimes by Christianophobic extremists and terrorists.

It never ends...

Churches burned since Jan. 1 in the area about 50 miles southeast of Dallas include:

  • Little Hope Baptist Church in Canton, which, ironically, burned after a New Year's Eve showing of the film "Fireproof." It is one of the few fires in the string that is not believed to be linked to arson

  • Faith Fellowship Church, Athens, Jan. 1

  • Grace Community Church of Athens, Jan. 12

  • Lake Athens Baptist Church, Jan. 12

  • Tyland Baptist Church, Tyler, Jan. 16

  • First Church of Christ Scientist, Tyler, Jan. 17

  • Prairie Creek Fellowship, Lindale, Jan. 20

  • Russell Memorial United Methodist Church, Wills Point, Feb. 4

  • Dover Baptist Church, Carroll, Feb. 8

  • Clear Springs Missionary Baptist Church, Lindale, Feb. 8. 
Don't let the haters take it away!

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