Friday, February 12, 2010

Precedent Setting Ruling Has Broader Implications

A Manitoba court has taken away the children of two parents because the parents were teaching them racism and teaching them to be racists.

This is the fact.  This is what was ruled by the court.

The broader implications?

Does this mean that children can be taken away from their Islamic Supremacist parents, too?

Does this mean that children can be taken away from parents who teach them to hate JudeoChristians, too?

Does this mean that children can be taken away from homosexuals who teach them to hate devout JudeoChristians and conservatives?

Does this mean that children can be taken away from parents who teach them that unborn human beings aren't human, and that it's a "right" to torture them to death in the womb?

The possibilities are endless.

And the journey down the slippery slope has commenced.

Who will have their children taken away from them next, because of the beliefs they've been teaching the children?

How about Islamic Supremacists?  How about black supremacists?  Sino-supremacists?  Atheist-supremacists?  GLBT supremacists?  Socialist-supremacists?

While I absolutely can't stand anyone who teaches hate, racism, or supremacism of any kind to their children, the ruling is still a little too dangerously ominous to ignore, because it opens doors to much, much more...

And it can go even further than that...

It could become... Nazi-like.  Whatever the courts and state apparatus decides is "cause" for confiscating peoples' children and making them wards of the sate... is going to be fair game.

In Germany, for example, where Hitler's own anti-homeschooling law is still in force,  there are homeschoolers who have their children taken away from them because they want to homeschool their children to avoid certain kinds of state-sponsored, ideologically-extreme propaganda, such as the promotion of sexually-extreme lifestyles, which is against their religious beliefs.  And it's already beginning to happen in America, too, where homeschooling families are already experiencing persecution.

And when that happens, who will stop it from going too far?

It all starts with one thing, and then broadens to anything the state apparatus deems fair game.

And the "Special Interests" Lobby will be in control of the progression of the agenda.

The Men Behind the Curtain will be directing the state apparatus as to whom to target for familial breakup, so as to push whatever ideological agenda they wish.

It won't end with simply taking kids away from filthy-stinking-piece-of-shit-white-trash-racists.

That's just the beginning.

You could be next, whoever you are, whatever you believe, whatever you teach your children.

There's no safety valve.  Not even the Charter of Rights and Freedoms matters to those who would use the precedent to push whatever agenda they wish.  Whatever justification they come up with, they'll use as an excuse to ignore the Charter.

It's not hard to see how this ruling is dangerous.  To everyone.

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Jen said...

What do you expect since the One Person they removed from their lives and country. I am talking about God, apparently, the american government that thought that OBAMA was their god the 'True' God left- they don't want Him anymore.
Naturally without His presence situation in the States may not get better only worse. Children will succumb to one ruling and that's how it will be; that is, until they change their ways by bringing back God into their country and lives.