Thursday, February 11, 2010

Obama Sexual-Militant Czar Would Have Nazi/Fascist-Like Power To Brainwash Kids

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Frightening side-by-side:  
Obamacrat Reich "Safe Schools" Czar Kevin Jennings, left. 
At right, Third Reich Minister of Propaganda Josef Goebbels.
Nazi-Fascist propaganda pusher is as Nazi-Fascist propaganda pusher does.
 At least Mr. Jennings looks a little happy... or is it something else?

HT for photo: Vince in Michigan, who, like millions of his fellow Americans, is outraged that such a lunatic extremist has been put in charge of the direction of America's schools.

Kevin Jennings.  He's still there within the Obamacrat Reich.  All the exposure he's gotten for his shocking extremism, and he's still enjoying the confidence of Obama and the Men Behind the Curtain!  It's surreal!  One of three dozen dangerous extremist "czars", he is.   Hell, even Russia didn't have this many ultra-powerful, unaccountable Czars!

One of Obama's ultra-extreme, socially-dangerous "Czars" is plotting to brainwash American children with extreme homosexual propaganda, under the deceptive guise of "school safety".

Now, he's one step closer to having Nazi-like power to impose whatever views and beliefs, however extreme, however dangerous, upon American children, no matter what.

"The purpose of this bill is not what is being stated, but is quite simply to mandate in public schools one acceptable viewpoint on the issue of homosexuality, using purported violence or harassment as the rationale, and the power of the feds as the hammer," Harvey said.

"The goal is to silence those who may warn about or object to student expression of homosexuality or gender confusion. Such warnings might literally save a child’s life."

She said ultimately, if the law is adopted and the resulting rules are as expected, the only "safe" schools in the nation would be where "there is no dissent" about the promotion of homosexuality.

"The phony concept of 'gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered' identity is the shaky foundation of this bill. Are certain kids different types of humans? No. There is no science to back up the existence of a 'gay gene' or anything like it, and it is very harmful to label and stereotype young people with questionable lifestyles and high-risk behaviors," Harvey warned.

Read the whole thing.   There's much, much more information about just how extreme Kevin Jennings really is.
If I had kids, I'd rather have a dour, tightassed "Bible-thumper" "brainwash" my kids in the teachings of Jesus Christ, than have an extremist such as Kevin Jennings telling them how wonderful and "safe" and "normal" and "productive" it is to shove things up their asses, to pee on each other and other such crap.  And, yes, he's actually pushing that crap, and even pushed a "kit" that included a butt-check glove, intended for use in an "experiment"...

The American People do NOT have to tolerate any Nazi-Fascists brainwashing their children in whatever bullshit.  NO, they do NOT have to tolerate such extremists in government, whether said extremists prefer sausages or tacos or even something else!

The American People have every right under the Constitution of the United States of America to say, LIKE HELL YOU WILL!

Keep that dangerous-extremist lunatic away from America's children!

Question for "Progressive" Leftists:  How would you like an infamously hardcore, agenda-driven "Bible-thumper" to teach "school safety", which would really be teaching tolerance for Christians everywhere, strictly forbidding any criticism of Christians/Christianity and brainwashing your children into becoming practicing, lifelong, devout Christians?  Doesn't that scare you?  Well, then, you shouldn't say "hey, there's nothing wrong with a gay man simply telling kids to use a condom or a rubber glove when they do bizarre, medically-dangerous things to each other".  Especially when that's just the tip of the iceberg of Kevin Jennings's very, very, indubitably (when you vet him, researching his history of behavior and the things he's said) real agenda.

And before any lazy-minded, do-no-research-whatsoever, Pavlovian "Progressives" accuse me of "hate", I say, do your damn homework on Kevin Jennings and use your brain... if you still have one after all these years of not using it and losing it!  You see, I really DON'T CARE that Kevin Jennings is "gay", nor that he may do whatever manner of bizarre, self-destructive things in private with other adults of whatever sex.  That said, it is NOT tolerable is to have extremists like him brainwashing helpless, impressionable, programmed-to-believe-whatever-adults-tell-them schoolchildren with his far-out-fringe worldview and lifesyle-recreational philosophy!

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Mack said...

Why are folks who live in democracies eternally surprised to get the government for which they voted? I have read that 53% of my fellow Catholics voted for a president who approves of murdering babies.