Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kids. With Machine Guns. In Ultra-'Progressive' Brazil.

Young thugs as young as 12.  Going around with machine guns.

On the street.  In Brazil.  I didn't make this up!

WTF is up with that?
Local newspapers rarely show at first hand the violence that permeates the city’s slums (favelas). Since the brutal torture and murder of the journalist Tim Lopes — who was caught filming secretly in the Vila Cruzeiro favela in 2002 — Brazilian reporters have been reluctant to take their cameras into slum areas. Any reports that are filed tend to come from correspondents talking from inside armoured cars, or are images showing the aftermath of a shooting.

“What is shocking is this parallel power, the fact that they are very young,” said André Cabral De Almeida Cardoso, 41, a teacher. “They are so brazen about it.”


“These images are desolate,” said Lucy Petroucic, 56, a translator. “These boys have become little Taleban who think they have nothing to lose.”

"Little Taliban with nothing to lose".

And this is in ultra-"progressive", socialist, leftist, liberal Brazil.

Apparently, the further a country "progresses" with socialism and left-wing social corruption and degradation, the worse things get.

Totalitarian or not totalitarian, torturously murderous state apparatus or not, the whole Left-Wing thing will apparently ultimately prove entire nations' undoing.

Oh, sure, police arrested a few of 'em the other day, promising more arrests and such, and promising a new "police base" in the area.

But we know all about state apparatus/apparatchik promises.  Grain of salt, y'know...  Submissive Leftists always say stuff to soothe people for the moment to get 'em to shut up and quit asking inconvenient questions, hoping to move on and hoping that the People will forget they even asked.  But later, we DO remember what we asked, what we promised.... and we can see that what was promised... was never, ever implemented.

Sound familiar?  Of course.  Promises to eradicate terrorism, etc., have not been implemented, except for the occasional big-show arrests of only a tiny few terrorists, whilst ignoring the root cause of terrorism:  Too much "progressive" corruption of society in which looking the other way on the terrorists and their underlying ideology and all the stuff that facilitates their actions!  Being overly liberally permissible does have ultimate consequences, because such a mode of statism ignores human nature and doesn't seek to discourage dangerous mentalities from forming, denying that these mentalities pose a threat, calling them "equal" to all other mentalities and worldviews.

"Progressivism" and socialism in Brazil are already apparently leading to her undoing.

So what if it's a paradise for the unemployed/underemployed and for GLBTs, especially Brazil's famous Ts?  When you've got crazy kids going around on motorcycles with machine guns, who cares if your sexually-recreational stuff is exalted by the state apparatus and by society (or at least by the Big Media, who claims to speak for "mainstream" society and who condemns independent thought, even if practiced by a majority, as "fringe" and "extreme")?

The state apparatus should instead be directing its resources towards ensuring public safety instead of ensuring an "absolutely anything and everything, as long as it's approved by the Left, goes" social mentality without any countenance of ultimate consequences for such a social laissez-faire attitude.

Brazil looks a lot like a contemporary Sodom, doesn't it?

Apparently, the hard facts in evidence prove that "Progressivism" doesn't work.  What better place to provide the proof than extremely-"Progressive" Brazil?

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