Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's No Worse Than Leftist State-Apparatus Transformation Tactics

It's the way it works, and Leftists know it, or ought to, though they won't, if they haven't been paying attention to what the Left has been doing to transform the state apparatus as it sees fit.

It's hypocritical for Leftists to get mad at non-leftists for doing essentially the same transformative stuff, as is their right to do so according to the fact that they're elected to do so, just like the Leftist governments, when they're elected and do so.

The Left brought in a state-apparatus culture of Israel-demonization.

The Non-Left is purging this Israelophobia ideology because the state apparatus has no business being prejudiced and hateful towards anyone!

If some old apparatchiks of the apparatus don't want to "get with the program" of ending the hate and ending the demonization, then they can go work somewhere else where their bigotry won't matter as much, though then their new employer will have every right to deal legally with any expressions of bigotry coming from them.

It's time to end the hate.

That's all the Conservatives are doing.

No wonder the Hard Left doesn't like it.  The Hard Left is an ideology of hate, and to take their hate away, takes away their raison d'etre.  Hate is the lifeblood of the Hard Left, and they fear this exsanguination of their hate.  They're screaming bloody murder whilst they're really being cured of the hate that infects their souls.

Nixonian?  Well, Leftists are Nixonian... as well as Machiavellian, as well as Alinskian, etc...  So that Tom Mulcair guy, well, he's just being Alinskian at the moment...

Besides, public funding isn't an entitlement.  There's qualifications one must meet, etc.  For example, one must not appear to be hateful, bigoted, prejudiced, discriminatory, etc...

Funny, isn't it, how the Left says that discriminating against discrimination is itself unacceptable discrimination, when the Left itself believes that it's ok for it to discriminate against those whom they perceive or wrongfully accuse to be "discriminatory" or at least who are offside with the Left's irrationally, unrealistically, unfairly dogmatic policies?

I just love the way the Toronto Star spins the Leftist organizations as supposedly being harmless-in-ideology-and-intent.  And the way the Star again fails spectacularly to demonstrate any journalistic integrity whatsoever, refusing to research deeply into the reality of the matters about which it purports to speak so smugly, arrogantly authoratively.  If they know the inconvenient truth, ie. inconvenient to the Left, then they're covering it up on orders from the Men Behind the Newsroom Curtain and probably from the Smiling, Charming Islamic Supremacist Lobby on the inside, just like most establishment, big-money "news" organizations.

And heeeeere's Bob Rae, hardly known to be a non-ideologue himself, former deficit-and-debt-ballooning NDP Premier of Ontario and a wannabe Liberal Leader and Prime Minister...
Liberal foreign affairs critic MP Bob Rae (Toronto Centre) said the Conservative government is intent on "doing a political test on every group out there."

"There doesn't seem to be any room for diversity or difference of opinion," Rae said.

"It's clear now that it's the (former) Reform party ideologues who are in the ascendancy and taking over, and I think that is regrettable."
Ah... hmm... eh?  Oh, of course, he's going to say stuff like that.  It's as predictable as temporary phallic atrophy from swimming bareassed in cold water, and I'm sure he knows a lot about that...

Bob Rae, for diversity of opinion?  Oh, come on now... what a disingenuous demagogue.  And his spinning of prejudice, bigotry, anti-Israelism, hate, etc... as "difference of opinion" is so, well, hypocritical, as he and his ilk don't consider criticism of "Palestine" and the "United Nations" to be "diversity of difference of opinion".  How hypocritical, how disingenuous... how "progressive"!

Bob Rae, Wannabe Emperor, has no clothes... See?

The Hard Left is smarting from the losses incurred in 2006 and 2008, such losses being brought upon themselves via their hateful extremism and their cavalier alienation of the Canadian Electorate.

They're constantly squealing like stuck pigs these days, and are being given a really prominent voice by the Big Old Media of Mass Deception, including the Hardcore-Leftwingnut Toronto "Red" Star.

Their copies of Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" are fast getting worn and all dogeared and such.  Time for them to order new ones, I guess.

Being out of power's a feckin' bitch, ain't it, eh, Lefty Proggies?

For me, I'm glad that the Conservatives are fixing some of the terrible damage done by the Hard-Left, Neo-Communist Liberals.  It's badly overdue!

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