Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Prop 8's Ninth-Circuit Judge: Biased, Conflicted-Interest? Fair Trial Or No?

Well, he's, "you-know", too, and the plaintiffs, they're predominantly you-know, as well...  Wink-wink, comrades, and all that...

He's already demonstrated a clearly malicious, unprofessional, ultra-hard-leftwing-activist disrespect for procedure and for the safety of the defendants and witnesses.

What does one expect of a judge of the infamously ultra-hard-leftwing-extremist-activist Ninth Circuit Court?
In terms of his judicial performance in the anti-Proposition 8 case, the bottom-line question that matters isn’t whether Walker is straight or gay. It’s whether he is capable of ruling impartially. I have no reason to doubt that there are homosexuals who could preside impartially over this case, just as I have no reason to doubt that there are heterosexuals whose bias in favor of, or against, same-sex marriage would unduly skew their handling of the case.

From the outset, Walker’s entire course of conduct in the anti-Prop 8 case has reflected a manifest design to turn the lawsuit into a high-profile, culture-transforming, history-making, Scopes-style show trial of Prop 8’s sponsors. Consider his series of controversial — and, in many instances, unprecedented — decisions: 

Take, for example, Walker’s resort to procedural shenanigans and outright illegality in support of his fervent desire to broadcast the trial, in utter disregard of (if not affirmatively welcoming) the harassment and abuse that pro–Prop 8 witnesses would reasonably anticipate. Walker’s decision was ultimately blocked by an extraordinary (and fully warranted) stay order by the Supreme Court in an opinion that was plainly a stinging rebuke of Walker’s lack of impartiality. 

Take Walker’s failure to decide the case, one way or the other (as other courts have done in similar cases), as a matter of law and his concocting of supposed factual issues to be decided at trial.  
And on and on and on....  Read on... 

I will make a prediction, as the pundit I am...

Judge Walker will rule in favor of the Plaintiffs and will send the signal that the democratic rights of The People are worthless and must submit to the desires of the "special" few who clearly don't believe in democracy at all and who believe that they're somehow entitled to change society howsoever they themselves desire, just to suit their own private lifestyle preferences and recreational activities.

It's all part of the "change" thing Obama used to read off the teleprompter... 

The only "hope" there is is for the few in whose favor the "change" is.  (Alright, Bill Clinton, stop controlling my brain's language center!  I sound like you!)

No question about the ruling.  It's a foregone conclusion.  In the Hard-Left-controlled courts where the militant homosexual lobby takes its cases, the rulings are ALWAYS in their favor.  I can't recall ONE ruling which wasn't, after all these years about reading about the rulings in gay-stuff-related cases.  It's almost as if the judges are as corrupt as the Commisars of the Liberal-Fascist, ideologically-ultra-extreme, Canadian "Human Rights" Commissions.


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