Monday, February 22, 2010

Anti-Christian Domestic Terrorists Caught?

Jason Robert Bourque, 19, and Daniel George McAllister, 21.
Domestic Anti-Christian terrorists?
Charged with latest Church fire, possible further charges related to other Church fires 
Possible life in prison if convicted
The rash of fires began with a blaze at a church in Athens and another on New Year's Day not far away. A fire in the central Texas town of Temple followed, but the federal investigation did not kick in until two churches were torched Jan. 11 in Athens. Less than a week later, four fires in five days were reported. The two most recent fires included the one that resulted in charges against Bourque and McAllister.


There were attempted break-ins at three churches in Tyler in early February, but those buildings were not burned, the Texas Department of Public Safety said in a statement.

David Mahfood, pastor of one of the churches in Tyler that was torched, said residents still think they must remain vigilant.

"We're blessed that no lives were lost and no one was injured, but I don't think we let our guard down," Mahfood said.

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