Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Liberals Smarting Again From Inconvenient Truth

They can't stand it.  They can deal it out real good, but when it's done to them by the other guys, they can't stand it, so they run crying to the Big Old Media of Mass Deception.

So they run propaganda.  They've been doing it a LOT lately.

They've got Iggy out there delivering talking points, sniping at the government.

Hmm... they're using the word "Pavlovian".  What, has Donolo been peeking at my blog for talking-point ideas?

AS IF Harper has any lessons to take from the hyperpartisan Liberals for allegedly being hyperpartisan himself.

Take the proroguation thing, for example.  When Harper did it, it was THE big, screamy issue.  But now that a LIBERAL has done it (Ontario's Dalton McGuinty), nobody's talking about it anymore... because a LIBERAL is doing it.  How's that for hyperpartisanship?  Iggy and the Libbies were making a stink over Harper doing it, but now they're not talking about it because one of their own did it!  Sheesh!  Pot, kettle, black...

...but that's how the Liberals are.

And the G&M article, while mentioning Harper's proroguation, made NO mention of McGuinty's proroguation!  See?  Media of Mass Deception!  They omitted the inconvenient truth about the Liberals!

There they go again, the Liberals and the Media of Mass Deception... with the Code of Silence.

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