Friday, February 12, 2010

Sino-American 'Cold War' Brewing: MI6

Chinese Communist Leader Hu Jintao, standing within the sunroof of what appears to be an unimaginative plagiarization of a Rolls-Royce or a Maybach, albeit with a badly-outdated-looking front end, with Chinese military in background.  Those Commies really like to show off that they're supposedly hotshit, don't they?

I do, however, believe that the photo is a fake, a pisspoor PhotoShop.
The soldiers look computer-generated.
Hu Jintao appears to have been plopped therein via PhotoShop.
Then again, what does one really expect from those lazy-minded Commie FatCats?

Well, this report doesn't surprise me at all.

All one needs to do is watch what's been going on for years in the world, watching the totalitarian countries and their behavior internationally, to see what's going on, what's "brewing".  My analysis leads me to the same conclusion as does that of MI6.
The threat is contained in a highly confidential report about the U.S. sale to Taiwan and Washington's criticism of China's position on Tibet, climate change, Internet freedom and human rights that has poisoned relationships between the Obama administration and Beijing.

The collective views of global industrialists, internationalists, economists and heads of companies who trade with China have been analyzed by MI6 strategists for the intelligence service's political chief, Foreign Secretary David Milliband.

Sources close to Milliband say he is alarmed that the Chinese leadership could use the arms sale to Taiwan as a reason to sell a range of its latest weapons to Syria and Iran to kick-start the trading cold war.

Both those countries already present strategic problems for Britain and other nations which trade with China. 

After all, the Chinese Communist regime is much like that of the old Soviet Union.  And what's going on now, much of it parallels what happened during the other Cold War.

I really don't think we need MI6, however, to analyze the already-out-there evidence and information for us.  We can do it, too, for ourselves.  And see, on our very own, what's going on out there.  Sometimes it's obvious, if you're paying attention and if your brain is engaged.  Which most aren't, which is why most need MI6 to tell them what they should've figured out on their own.

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