Thursday, February 11, 2010

Left-Wing Terrorists Endanger 100 Mostly-Chinese-Canadian Lives

Behold the criminals, the terrorists... spewing big lies and endangering the lives of a hundred people.

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Who cares about their B.S. "message"?  They wilfully endangered a hundred lives, so they don't deserve to be heard.  Only civil, law-abiding people deserve to be heard!

Bunch of criminal terrorist teabaggers.

Herded and directed by "community organizers", perhaps from ACORN-Canada, or something like that, something hard-left, neo-Communist...

Let's call 'em everything bad that the Obamacrats called the American People just for dissenting.

"Astroturf", for example.  No way are these radical fringe elementist drug-culture pushers "grassroots".

Let's just dismiss 'em, like they dismiss the mainstream whenever the mainstream says stuff the ridiculously-powerful Hard Left fringe doesn't like.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper had to postpone a visit to a Vancouver Chinese community centre Wednesday because protesters had surrounded the building and wrapped tape and a bicycle-lock chain around the handles of the front doors.
Wow... imagine what the police would've done (cuffed 'em and taken 'em away and booked 'em without bothering to charge 'em) to these people if they'd instead been Christians simply standing around on the sidewalk in front of a nudity-and-gross-indecency-intensive public homosexual event or an abortion clinic... simply standing, wearing crosses and holding Bibles and saying what they believed.  Big difference.  Why didn't the Hard-Left extremists have to "stand way, way, waaaaay over there where no one can see or hear them", like Christians have to do when certain special groups "might be offended by their mere presence"?

Hmm.  They illegally barricaded a Chinese community center.  Maybe the Hard-Left teabaggers are racists who hate Chinese people.  Filthy Sinophobic racists, thugs, mobsters.  Criminals.  Potential terrorists.  Maybe they don't think that Chinese Canadians should be allowed to meet with the Prime Minister.

They should've been arrested and charged with trespass.
Harper was scheduled to make an afternoon visit to the centre to see a rehearsal for Chinese new year festivities next week.

An estimated 100 people, including Chinese new year performers, officials and journalists were inside. Police quickly cut the lock and removed the tape.
Oh, and add "unlawful confinement of 100 people" and "deliberately jeopardizing public safety" to the charges!  Throw the book at the terrorist mob!

Yes... they're the mob!  Organized criminals!  They're organized and they're criminal!

They don't care about jeopardizing peoples' safety.  So hypocritical, as they claim that they don't want druggies' safety to supposedly be jeopardized. Bunch of fecking imbeciles... brainless... simply, blissfully uncerebral.  Simply thinking, speaking and acting as they were directed by their "community organizers".
"In this case there were chains put on doors of a building where there were people inside, and that is unsafe," said Const. Lindsey Houghton.
See?  They're DANGEROUS!  Dangerously stupid and insane!

A hundred people could have died because of these lunatics!


Given that these are the kind of folks who want to keep "Insite" open... well, it doesn't look good, does it?   

Dangerous lunatic extremists appear to be the only folks who favor keeping "Insite" open?

Well, they only made the decision to close the shoot-up-for-free drop-in-place... much, much easier and saleable.

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