Monday, February 22, 2010

Priceless MSNBC Stupidity, Hypocrisy Mocked By Tea Party

Caught brainlessly reading Hard-Leftwingnutcase propaganda talking points, Keith Olbermann of the Hard-Leftwingnutcase MSNBC gets what he deserves.

Priceless!  He forgot that everybody at MSNBC is a "honky" just like himself!

What an ass.

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And thus, here is my formal request for the New York Times to completely retract Zernike’s vile smear. There is no more serious charge in American society than the accusation of racism and Zernike leveled such a charge against me, a person she has never met, on the basis of something as flimsy as her limited understanding of my speech pattern. Not only should the Times correct the record promptly, but they should hand Zernike a pink slip for such a bald-faced character assassination

For the record, Zernike must not even know what it means to impersonate Chris Rock. I sound nothing like him. Nothing. Judge for yourself. In any event, she obviously has her own racial demons to wrestle with if she thinks, as she apparently does, that all minorities sound the same.

As a Puerto Rican man, I find such characterizations absurd and offensive.

Moreover, the Left continues to devalue the meaning of the word racism. To them, politicians driving pickup trucks and Tea Party activists protesting government spending have racial overtones. Remember when the media elites told us that the election of Barack Obama would heal America’s racial wounds? Ha! Just a year into his presidency and all of a sudden delivering a speech with a Brooklyn accent is treated like a hate crime.

How’s that post-racial America working out for you, New York Times?
(Emphasis mine)

There goes the Hard Left again.  Going around suggesting that everyone who's not a Prog, or who disagrees with any of Obama's policies... must necessarily be a racist.

When will the Progs ever learn?  This bullshit just doesn't work.  It's all lies, and they keep telling 'em, like broken records.  Hell, broken records are more intelligent than those dumbass Progs!

If anybody's racist, it's the Left.  After all, they support the Democratic Party, which is the party who begat the Ku Klux Klan and who implemented and enforced the Segregation Laws.  They accepted a former Klan Grand Kleagle racist into their fold as a Democratic Senator.  So who the feck are they to be going around projecting their own faults upon others?

The Left's problem:  More and more people everyday are coming to see them as what they truly are.  And those who already know what they are, well, they keep seeing evidence to bolster their conclusions.

So the desperate behavior of the Left is only going to shoot their feet full of more holes.

Is it any wonder that the Left's "savior", Obama, has just sunk even lower than ever in the polls?  Helluva limbo performance!

No matter how hard the Hard Left propagandists try, the truth is that fewer and fewer people are listening to them, let alone believing a damn thing they say anymore.  After all, if you cry wolf a million times...

UPDATE:  You know, I was thinking about Olbermann's delivery.  It really reminds me of Warren Kinsella of Canada, he of "Prince of Darkness" infamy, not to mention toilet-stall Nazi-hunting insanity.  Prog is as Prog does.  They're pretty much all the same... until they're cured, after which they become who they really are, sans now-vanquished demons who used to control them.

Those poor, poor pitiful Progs... submitting to all the demons that aim to control them and aim to make them act like demons themselves.

Progs are so weak... always submitting to the little devil and ignoring the little angel...


Balbulican said...

"Is it any wonder that the Left's "savior", Obama, has just sunk even lower than ever in the polls?"

Hehe. Still miles ahead of Sarah, and she's falling faster. Kinda got her ass kicked in the Republican leadership vote, didn't she?

glasnost said...

Snappy comeback by Balbulican.

Canadian Sentinel said...

I thought so too, Glasnost.

Really demonstrates his political SA.

Obviously well-in-touch with reality. Comes from being cerebrally plugged into the Prog Matrix.

Balbulican said...

When reality intrudes, just ignore it and mock.

Love you guys. Really.

Canadian Sentinel said...

You're just tossing random words around.

Balbulican said... You don't understand the point.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Well, then, explain.

I, and others, will judge whether you're just being fullashit, or what.

Like, specifically, what are you talking about?

The polls? You'd compare Rasmussen to a mere "straw poll"? Was that your point? Sure hope not, 'cause that'd be totally lame. After all, Obama, at last seen (by me) sounding, was no better than neck-and-neck with Palin nationwide, not "miles ahead".

And what's this about me allegedly ignoring reality?

Perhaps you're projecting again?

Balbulican said...

Sigh. Okay, let's do a little experiment.

First: select a polling company you view as credible.