Friday, February 12, 2010

Hypocritical Opposition Complains Too Much


Then again, what do we expect from "progressives"?

The very "progressives" who made a big, long stink over the proroguation of Parliament by a Conservative Prime Minister, but who are suddenly silent on the "issue" of proroguation now that the Liberal Premier of Ontario has prorogued the Ontario Provincial Parliament.

Such disingenuousness, such hypocrisy.

For me, for the Conservatives to come down hard on a multimillionaire bank CEO who wants Ottawa to make us pay higher taxes, well, I say that the Conservatives speak not only for me, but also for Mainstream Canadiana, who know that we already pay too much tax!

Better to take the axe to a lot of hyper-expensive stuff than to take even more money away from people who really don't want the hyper-expensive stuff they're being forced to pay for anyway, such as the hyper-biased, irritatingly hard-left CBC and the fascist, human-rights-denying Canadian "Human Rights" Commission, not to mention the worthless gun registry that only oppresses ordinary, law-abiding Canadians, and not the scumbags on the street who will always be able to get guns, unregistered, of course, on the black market (do "progressives" really believe we can get rid of illegal guns any more than we can get rid of illegal drugs?).

It's hardly unusually out of line for the Conservatives to suggest that the multimillionaire who can afford to pay higher taxes and who wants poor people to pay higher taxes... is a "Liberal shill".

After all, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff himself said, "We will have to raise taxes", and other Liberals speak in bet-hedging code when saying that they "don't plan to" raise taxes "as long as...".

After all, we see Liberals calling people who recommend stuff that Liberal policy opposes... as "Conservative shills" and stuff like that, so the Liberals have no right to get all wee-wee'd up, waxing hypocritical like this.

It's also proper for Dimitri Soudas to criticise the NDPer who encouraged the Hard-Leftwing terrorists and teabaggers to endanger the safety and lives of a hundred mostly Chinese-Canadians in Vancouver... just to create false optics of "grassroots" support for a free shoot-up outlet for drug addicts.  Anyone who would encourage a mob to endanger the safety of any number of people in the name of ideological extremism... deserves to be blasted for their gross, cavalierly negligent, uncaring stupidity!

Like, how is it excessively partisan to rightly blast an excessively ideological, hyper-partisan Libby Davies for encouraging the endangerment of a hundred mostly Chinese-Canadians, just to bash the Conservative Prime Minister?  I mean, Libby Davies is the one who went too far, and she deserves the harsh criticism 100%!  Shame on her!  Such a brainless extremist!
"It's turned into a day of almost terror for local seniors, children, veterans," he wrote. "In the horrible event of fire of emergency, all those good-willed people would be prevented from exit. Is Libby Davies proud of this?"

NDPers, Liberals, Blocs, Greenies, etc... can't credibly accuse Conservatives of going too far, because that'd be the pot calling the kettle black... much like when they whined and bitched about when Parliament was prorogued... but not about the Ontario Parliament being prorogued now by a Liberal-Hard-Leftist.

They claim, without proving it, of course, that the Conservative spokesman "has gotten it so wrong so often"?  Well, let's count the times that the Opposition has gotten it so wrong so often.

Mr. Soudas isn't backing down.  Good for him!  Stick to your guns of righteousness!  Never cower, never falter...
In an interview, Soudas refused to back down. He said protests are legitimate but "I don't think members of Parliament should be encouraging, or at a bare minimum they should be disassociating themselves from people who use violence to express a difference of opinion."

Asked what violence he was referring to, Soudas said: "Chaining doors shut of a building where there were young kids, seniors and veterans. Had there been a fire, these people would have been trapped inside."

Soudas scoffed at the idea that Davies was just "an innocent bystander." But even if she didn't know about the blocked exits at the time, he said she should have disassociated herself from the protest subsequently.
But Davies, as far as I know, hasn't disassociated herself from the dangerous Hard-Leftwing teabagger terrorists, so the blasting she's gotten is wholly appropriate.  Libby Davies is clearly an extremist!  Does she believe it's ok to use life-threatening tactics to "deliver a message"?  If not, then she must condemn her fellow Hard-Leftists for that behavior and publicly, unequivocally condemn and turn her back on that particular group of extremists!


Jen said...

The media proved who they are they are newsreporters one bit they just 'highjacked the newscenter to push their coalition friends through.
The 'CODE OF SILENCE' by the Coalition non-reporters is so transparent.
The Afghans can do a better job in their media than the idiots we have.

One of those non reporters on PP or on E.Solomon show. said that the prime minister is trying to be patriotic by wrapping himself in the Canadian flag. UH!!!

At least the PM is patriotic and loves the canadian flag whereas the coalition parties prefer the Hezbollah flag and Ignatieff prefers the american flag.

Jen said...

The media proved who they are they are newsreporters

Correction in quote-The media proved who they are they are 'not' newsreporters