Saturday, February 13, 2010

CONFIRMED: Obama A Marxist

I told y'all so!  Didn't I?

Story here.

(...)He knew Obama at Occidental College and went out to dinner and argued politics with the young Marxist Barack Obama. Drew says Obama was a Marxist-Leninist and believed in redistribution of wealth. He was deceiving the public during the election because he was 100% in agreement with his Marxist pals and professors. Drew still believes that Obama is a socialist.

Obama wrote in Dreams of My Father that he hung out with the Marxists and radicals in college. Drew says it is very rare for a young college kid to be so radicalized as Obama was when he met him. He also said there is usually a team surrounding a charismatic leader like Obama.
Of course there's a "team" surrounding the Manchurian Candidate.  That's the folks to whom I refer as "The Men Behind the Curtain".  Of course, George Soros is one of those men.

Obama himself?  Just following orders...

Just like Medvedev follows orders issued by Putin.

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